9 months!

Nine months today! 

For the last few months miss evie's personality has been emerging and I can now say I am 100% convinced we have a serious firecracker on our hands. She is so sweet most of the time, but if you do something she doesn't like - well you can just forget it - you'll be hearing about it from miss evie! She wants her little voice to be heard!

We've also been playing a lot more music around the house and have discovered little e likes to dance. I usually carry her around in her towel after her bath listening to music and she puts one arm out and bobs her head to the beats. 
Cracks me up every time - girls got rhythm!

A new favorite activity is swinging at the park. Her big brother runs around and plays while she observes from her perch in the swing and smiles and laughs at him. They both love it. 

She'll eat almost anything we put in front of her now (except bananas) and likes to share with her buddy, Red. 

green beans!

She and her brother also have a run of the backseat now. All I hear while driving is C goofing off and giggles from Eve. She leans forward as much as possible in her car seat and peeks over at him....

We love you little e!! 




These new rings....

These people and this photo....

photo by shannon michele photography

These tassel curtains...

These fabrics...
especially the lime buffalo check in the center. Would look so cute in a little girls room.

These sheets....

This bathing suit...
(Eve already owns this one and it's January!
Who knew I could be as obsessed with baby girl bathing suits as much as I am with baby girl bloomers?!)

Luckily, there is a perfect solution for crazy mama's like me!

A big thanks to mini boden for solving all my problems and making a pretty bloomer bathing suit miss eve will surely be rocking this summer :)

happy wednesday!


8 months (+ 10 days)

Hmm...10 days late posting Evie's 8 month update. 
That can only mean one thing...we have our hands full!

Last month the little miss was definitely showing signs of wanting to move on her own and this month she has been all about getting into everything. 
There is rarely a moment when I pick her up that she isn't squirming to get out of my arms to grab at something or move on her own. She isn't officially crawling yet, but when she's sitting up she constantly tries to roll over her feet onto all fours. And when on her belly she almost has her knees under her. I'd be surprised if she isn't crawling by 9 months, but we'll see...

Standing is her favorite and I think the jumparoo and the walker have really helped strengthen her muscles. She needs support to stand but I've noticed a big difference in the last month and can tell she's just raring to go.

Teething is also still a major thing these days. She seems so uncomfortable at times (like last night at 3am - for instance!) and is is gnawing at whatever she can get her tiny little hands on. Chewing on my hair - or anyone hair, for that matter - is a new favorite. 

And perhaps the biggest news is we've completely moved forward with solid food and she is eating two solid meals a day! She eats almost anything now (except bananas) and loves to feed herself puffs. Sweet potatoes and apples seem to be her favorite but we've been experimenting with lots of different tastes and flavors. Some days she gobbles it down so fast I can't believe she was ever refusing it.

She and Big C are so funny together sometimes, I can't wait to see how their brother/sister relationship develops over the next few years. She definitely understands that he is someone special in her life and gives him the smiles and giggles to prove it.

We love you little e!!


holiday & new year update

I'm a little late to the party, 
but HAPPY 2013!

Jeez, it doesn't seem too long ago that we welcomed the year 2000, does that make me old? 

Anyway, we've been celebrating it up here. We went to my sisters in Virginia with my family for Christmas Eve/Morning and then came back to Charleston on Christmas day to spend the week at a beach house on Isle of Palms with Kyle's family. We had a fab-ulous time and I can't believe the holiday season is over?! Our Christmas tree is still up (until we take it down tomorrow) so we have been squeaking out a final few days before it's gone until next year. C-man thinks the tree is a permanent fixture in out living room, so I'm sure he will be sad to see it go...

 photo overload coming up....

oh miss evie...

cookies for santa - carrots for the reindeer

Baby Caroline 


we were lucky enough to fall asleep to the sound of waves and wake up to this beautiful view everyday for a week!

so cute!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season! 
We are playing catch-up here and hopefully I'll be back soon with Evie's belated 8 month update and a follow up potty training post soon (C is doing so well!!) 

Oh....and here are a few wise words for 2013. 

As of now, the only resolution I can think of (other then losing the rest of my baby weight) is to be more thankful. After a few sleep deprived nights it's easy for me to fall down the "woe is me" rabbit hole and I think I can certainly use a little more thankfull-ness in my life. 



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