Our sweet little girl is one!

My how time flies! It seems like just yesterday we were anxiously waiting her arrival. But then it also feels like she has always been here with us and I can't even remember what life was like before she was here.

Miss Evie, you have become quite the sweetheart. Your brother has even taken to saying "good morning, sweet heart" and "no, sweet heart" when he's talking to you (and bossing you around). You still love to smile and are quickly developing your own silly sense of humor. You like to get a laugh and have started doing things like putting bowls on your head, making funny noises, blowing raspberries and dancing to get a reaction. 

You love to blow kisses, wave and clap your hands. We call it the "trifecta of tricks" because you usually do all three at the same time. You've also become quite interested in food and point and say "dat" whenever you want something. If we think you're pointing to one thing, but you mean another, you shake your had NO and squak and point again. You are typically very determined to get what you want and won't stop until you have it. Bread is a new favorite, as is milk, yogurt, peas, cheerios and - surprisingly - hummus.

Other then "dada" and "mama" your first words were "dog" and "ball", which is exactly the same as your brother. In fact, you love doggies and are an expert at spotting them when we are out or when you see them on TV. 

We've started reading more books in your chair before nap time and you love to look at the pictures and touch the pages. You usually look up at me while I'm reading with an adorable look on your face that seems like you are thinking "I love this story! Read more, mama!" 

I can't believe you have grown from this....

To this....

We love you so much sweet Evie!!



  1. Love reviewing Miss Evie's 1st year. She is a precious little girl. C man sure does love her...most of the time...ha, ha.
    Love, Mom

  2. I love the way you typed this TO her. I hope she enjoys reading it on her Google glasses when she gets older :) Happy birthday, miss E! Looking forward to watching you grow for many years to come. Love, auntie Erin

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