11 months (+8 days)

11 months and the countdown to her first birthday is officially on. It's feels bittersweet as I miss my tiny little baby but at the same time am so excited to watch her grow.

Her first tooth finally made an appearance in mid-March. She has started saying ball and I swear we've heard a few thank you's from her, too. Of course she never says it when you try to get her to say it. 

It's also become very clear that Miss Evie is a climber. And a good one at that. She craws over to things, pulls herself up and immediately tries to swing her leg up to climb. The stairs are now her number one interest and she makes a bee line for them any chance she gets. She seems so close to standing on her own and is only holding onto things for support with one hand. Not sure if her first steps will happen by her birthday, but they are on the horizon for sure. 

Another new trick this month is blowing kisses. She puts her little hand up to her mouth and gets a funny little look on her face. 

Somedays she seems to be transitioning from two naps a day to one. She'll refuse her morning nap and want to snooze around lunch time, but then other days she's ready to fall asleep at 9:30am and then again in the afternoon. I can't remember exactly when C transitioned, but this mama is definitely looking forward to having both kiddos on the same nap schedule. 

We love you miss evie and can't believe you are almost one!


  1. How is it possible that she is almost a year old?!?! Beautiful baby girl!

  2. She is so beautiful and such a sweetie! I cannot wait to kiss those little cheeks! Xo

  3. Such a sweet, beautiful baby girl. She is growing up way to fast.
    Love, Grandma



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