10 months

Double digits! 

And just two months shy of a year....crazy!

Evie started crawling at the beginning of February and has been on the move, getting into whatever she can get her little hands on ever since. She's a petite 18lbs (35%) but her spunk and determination makes up for her small size. She screams around in her walker, chasing Red around the kitchen and zooming over ever time I open the fridge or pantry. She has discovered how to open the kitchen drawers - which has also resulted in a few pinched fingers. 

Connor couldn't be more thrilled little e is moving, playing and turning into his favorite playmate. He's still a little on the rough side, but overall is gentle with her and likes to be bossy about what toys she can and can not play with.

Still no teeth (!!) - but I can feel them under her gums and am surprised they haven't broken through yet. I feel like she has been teething forever, so I'm curious to see when her teeth will finally appear.

Connor usually wakes up before Eve so he comes with me to get her in the morning. Almost every day he climbs onto the side of her crib, peeks in and says "I love you evie!" and she smiles back at him. It's the sweetest thing in the world....these two have a very special connection, for sure. 


Love you little e!!

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