holiday & new year update

I'm a little late to the party, 
but HAPPY 2013!

Jeez, it doesn't seem too long ago that we welcomed the year 2000, does that make me old? 

Anyway, we've been celebrating it up here. We went to my sisters in Virginia with my family for Christmas Eve/Morning and then came back to Charleston on Christmas day to spend the week at a beach house on Isle of Palms with Kyle's family. We had a fab-ulous time and I can't believe the holiday season is over?! Our Christmas tree is still up (until we take it down tomorrow) so we have been squeaking out a final few days before it's gone until next year. C-man thinks the tree is a permanent fixture in out living room, so I'm sure he will be sad to see it go...

 photo overload coming up....

oh miss evie...

cookies for santa - carrots for the reindeer

Baby Caroline 


we were lucky enough to fall asleep to the sound of waves and wake up to this beautiful view everyday for a week!

so cute!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season! 
We are playing catch-up here and hopefully I'll be back soon with Evie's belated 8 month update and a follow up potty training post soon (C is doing so well!!) 

Oh....and here are a few wise words for 2013. 

As of now, the only resolution I can think of (other then losing the rest of my baby weight) is to be more thankful. After a few sleep deprived nights it's easy for me to fall down the "woe is me" rabbit hole and I think I can certainly use a little more thankfull-ness in my life. 



  1. Great update and wonderful pictures. We all have a lot to be thankful for.


  2. That picture of you and Evie on the beach is absolutely stunning! We miss you guys terribly! We got way to used to spending time with you guys over the holidays. xoxo

  3. What memories! And for the record I am thankful for you all, for this blog, and for the oppotunities to enjoy family.


  4. Great pics! Sounds like the it was all a lot of fun too!



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