9 months!

Nine months today! 

For the last few months miss evie's personality has been emerging and I can now say I am 100% convinced we have a serious firecracker on our hands. She is so sweet most of the time, but if you do something she doesn't like - well you can just forget it - you'll be hearing about it from miss evie! She wants her little voice to be heard!

We've also been playing a lot more music around the house and have discovered little e likes to dance. I usually carry her around in her towel after her bath listening to music and she puts one arm out and bobs her head to the beats. 
Cracks me up every time - girls got rhythm!

A new favorite activity is swinging at the park. Her big brother runs around and plays while she observes from her perch in the swing and smiles and laughs at him. They both love it. 

She'll eat almost anything we put in front of her now (except bananas) and likes to share with her buddy, Red. 

green beans!

She and her brother also have a run of the backseat now. All I hear while driving is C goofing off and giggles from Eve. She leans forward as much as possible in her car seat and peeks over at him....

We love you little e!! 



  1. Little E gets prettier and more precious every day.

    Love, Mom

  2. She's so gorgeous! I love her bow!

  3. Such a little angel! Time is really flying...please tell her to stop growing so fast!

  4. So adorable! We love you little firecracker!



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