8 months (+ 10 days)

Hmm...10 days late posting Evie's 8 month update. 
That can only mean one thing...we have our hands full!

Last month the little miss was definitely showing signs of wanting to move on her own and this month she has been all about getting into everything. 
There is rarely a moment when I pick her up that she isn't squirming to get out of my arms to grab at something or move on her own. She isn't officially crawling yet, but when she's sitting up she constantly tries to roll over her feet onto all fours. And when on her belly she almost has her knees under her. I'd be surprised if she isn't crawling by 9 months, but we'll see...

Standing is her favorite and I think the jumparoo and the walker have really helped strengthen her muscles. She needs support to stand but I've noticed a big difference in the last month and can tell she's just raring to go.

Teething is also still a major thing these days. She seems so uncomfortable at times (like last night at 3am - for instance!) and is is gnawing at whatever she can get her tiny little hands on. Chewing on my hair - or anyone hair, for that matter - is a new favorite. 

And perhaps the biggest news is we've completely moved forward with solid food and she is eating two solid meals a day! She eats almost anything now (except bananas) and loves to feed herself puffs. Sweet potatoes and apples seem to be her favorite but we've been experimenting with lots of different tastes and flavors. Some days she gobbles it down so fast I can't believe she was ever refusing it.

She and Big C are so funny together sometimes, I can't wait to see how their brother/sister relationship develops over the next few years. She definitely understands that he is someone special in her life and gives him the smiles and giggles to prove it.

We love you little e!!

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  1. Precious pictures. They are growing up so quickly.




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