potty training

We are two and a half days into potty training. 

I have been dreading this time for quite awhile now - 
cleaning poop out of a potty really isn't something to look forward to....

So far things are going pretty well. 

I say "pretty well" rather then excellent because it's hard
Hard for us parents, hard for the kids, hard for everyone. 

We decided to follow the hardcore method. 
No diaper (except at nap time and bedtime - we aren't THAT hardcore) and no pull ups. C is on school vacation until January and seemed SOOO ready. 
So we bit the bullet and decided to take advantage of this school-free week. 

I've heard a bazillion stories about kids who were trained in two days. 
Kids who never had an accident, etc, etc....

Well, maybe they are lying. Or maybe their kids are just angel saints. 
But C was totally ready for this (he hated being in a wet diaper, told us as soon as he went, is very vocal and can talk to us about what he's feeling, and seemed to be able to hold it for awhile)
but it's still hard and my absolute least favorite phase of parenting.
We've only had two accidents (pee) and for some crazy reason he's completely comfortable going poop on the potty - it seems to be peeing that's the problem.

** Side note ** 
he is going to hate me for writing this when he's a teenager!  

He had a total breakdown today (maybe I did too??!) and told me he didn't want to be potty trained and wanted to wear diapers instead. Well, I felt for him and completely understood just how difficult this was for a little man. All he's heard for the past 2.5 days is "Connor, do you need to use the potty? Do you need to go pee???" and I'm sure it's driving him crazy.

Anyway, I'm hoping it gets better. There has to be a breakthrough at some point, right? Tomorrow I'm going to lessen the prompting and see what happens. 

Fingers crossed.

photo by shannon michele photograhpy


house lust: molly sims

Check out Molly Sims baby boy's nursery!

 It's GOOD....soooooooo good!

And I spy a few Amber Interiors pillows, lots of Serena & LilySharon Montrose animal prints and a blanket by Rikshaw Designs.

Definitely keeping this one around for future inspiration :)


santa? um...no

We went to the Festival of Lights and to see Santa over the weekend. Last year didn't go so smoothly so this year I gave C a prep-talk before hand so he knew what to expect from the man with the big white beard. 

He fared pretty well - I think he definitely got his Christmas list across...trucks, fire trucks, and more trucks....

Little E didn't fare so well. 

She basically loves everyone....everyone but Santa.

Poor Santa :(


nailhead is hard!

I've been working on decorating our bedroom for what seems like forever now. Every other room in the house took precedence and now I'm finally (...slowly) making some updates. I've had about 15 different ideas over the past few months for a new headboard and in the end I just wanted a quick fix so I kept our simple white headboard and added antique gold nailhead trim. I took the easy way out (I wanted this project to be QUICK!) so I used the strips rather then individually nailing each nailhead. Overall I found it pretty difficult to get it straight and even. I'm happy with the end result, but it wasn't quite as easy as I'd hoped. I also had a local shop make a pair of pillows out of a favorite fabric I've been hanging onto for awhile now.

It's getting there....slowly but surely!

And in other news....looks like we have a little stander on our hands!

 Go Evie!



back in the swing of things

This poor little blog has been seriously neglected recently so I'm going to make an early resolution to get back in the swing of regular (or semi-regular) posts. And hopefully y'all will hold me to it! 

We had a great weekend full of holiday parties, family photos (can't wait to see the images!), hanging out and finally getting our Christmas tree. Big C is beyond excited to "deck-rate" the tree and thinks having a real, live TREE in our living room is pretty cool.

Is it just me or did the holidays totally creep up on everyone this year? 
We went to a fun holiday party on Saturday and it reminded me how much I love having some adult time. Why oh why don't we do that more often??? 

Oh...that's right....these two little sweeties :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend and hopefully I'll be posting on here more frequently again.....



7 months (+5 days)

As usual time is flying by - so much so that I misses miss evie's monthly bday on the 27th and now it's suddenly five days later! Shhheesh, I need to get my mama act together!

Little e has had a pretty solid month of growing and smiling. She's all about the jumparoo these days and loves to bounce to the music. We just started her in the walker and she seems to love that, too, but a certain older bother likes to "drive" her around in the walker. Strict parental supervision is essential for that one...

Solid food is still at the bottom of her list, though she did tolerate some sweet potatoes the other day and  even drank an ounce out of the bottle....! That might not sound like big news, but for us it is. Yay Evie!! 

We've had a few blips in her sleeping schedule recently and I'm blaming her two bottom teeth that are yet to make an appearance :( She loves middle of the night dance parties, though, and always flashes me a little smile when I go into her room at 3am to soothe her back to sleep. 

Big C is beyond thrilled she is sitting up and can play trains and cars with him. Just a few more months and she'll be running after him!

We love you little evie!!


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