6 months (+ 4 days)

Half a year is under her belt and our big girl is sitting up, talking ALL the time (or rather squawking all the time), chewing on everything and is so, sooo close to getting her first tooth!

We've had a few rough weeks of sickness here and miss evie has had everything from the stomach bug to a bad cold, all in addition to teething. She's smiled through it all, though, and is such a happy girl!

For the past few months she's been discovering the world around her, but now she's super interested in everything that's going on. When she hears a new voice in the room she darts her eyes around to see who it is, she can no longer be contained on the small playmat and rolls all around the living room touching and inspecting everything she can get her hands (and mouth) on. She's interested in C's toys now, which is a whole new arena of "sharing" for him, and sitting up has given her a new vantage point and you can just tell she's so proud of herself and happy to be sitting up like the rest of us.

Solids are still not a favorite, but she is getting better about eating them. She also loves when you sing to her and especially likes to watch people dance. I can get a few good belly laughs out of her if I dance around the kitchen, but really it's still C who gets her to laugh the most :)

Happy Halloween, everyone!! 



Big C behind the camera

We take a lot of pictures in our family. I've always loved photography - probably a hobby I picked up from my dad when I was little. I remember him giving me his old film camera to play with when I was about 10 or 12 and I was hooked. 

It seems Big C may have picked up the photography gene, too. He always asks if he can "see pick-tures" on my phone and also loves looking through a photo album we have of photos from when he was born. So, when we got a new camera a few months ago, we gave him our old point and shoot (it was pretty beat up anyway) and he's been snapping away and loving it ever since. 

A lot of the photos have a rogue finger in the frame or are a bit blurry, but some of them are really good and we always get a kick out of looking through them and seeing the world through C's vantage point.  

Here are a few....Eve seems to be a favorite subject of his :)



I figured a post about a variety of random things is better then no post at all....right?

So here we go....

First off... a very belated congratulations to Ashley and Blair on the birth of their little ladies! Welcome to the world, Reese and Michaela! Big C keeps telling us how excited he is to have two new cousins and we all can't wait to meet you! xoxo

Next up...I took this video last night and can not stop laughing at it.
Don't worry, he was just fine despite the little run in with the wall. 

And lastly, part of the reason behind my recent lack of posts is because the stomach bug struck our house last week and over the weekend.
It wasn't pretty. At all.

Think we are finally on the road to recovery...but listen to this....Kyle lost 8 lbs (!) while he was sick. Kind of a nice perk after all the yuckiness of being sick.

And guess what else...I gained 1 lb.

Um.....who GAINS weight while they have the stomach bug?? 

Apparently I do...


Back to the gym for this mama...



Until recently it hasn't been feeling much like fall around here - at least 89 degrees with humidity isn't really very Autumn-like in my book...

But today it's overcast and cool and I never thought I'd be so excited to see this kind of weather! It's finally starting to feel like jeans weather again - woohoo! Now I just have to lose the rest of my baby weight so I can fit back into them!! 

Ha - that baby weight thing is a WHOLE other post in and of itself. Let's just say it's been a completely different ball game this go around. The scale hasn't budged in months and I swear it must be broken!

Anyway, we've been pretty busy recently and although I haven't been blogging very much, I have been taking lots of photos....here are a few :) 

at Lucy's 1st Birthday/ Beatles Party

Almost sitting on her own! Except her giant (and very cute) head weighs her down sometimes

Happy Fall!



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