2 months!

This little girl continues to amaze me everyday! 

She is so happy and smiley and loves to dance :) 
In fact, she's sitting on her nap nanny next to me kicking her legs, giggling and dancing right now!

In the last month she's really started to develop her own personality and every day she lights up at something new and seems to love it. 

Daddy has especially caught her attention recently. 
She follows him with her eyes whenever he is in the room and smiles and makes noises whenever he looks. I was brushing my teeth the other night and the two of them were sitting and chatting away on the bed. 
It's was beyond adorable....

Big C also loves giving Little e as much attention as possible and loves it when she smiles at him, too. 
He always says 

"Smile me, e. Smile me!"

and she gives him a big toothess grin!

Happy two months, Little e! 
We love you!!


white & sparkle

I'm mean who doesn't want a WHITE & SPARKLE 30th Birthday Party!!???

Our friend Katherine rang in her 30th year in total Katherine fashion, with a white and sparkle party on a boat. 

Oh yes....I'm serious. 

Check this out....

Yep...that's a silver chain on Kyle.....

From Lowes.

I must say....since we don't get out too often anymore, it was quite the way to spend a Saturday night. We had such a blast - and got to dress up!! Woooo!

A huge thank you to Gma and Gpops for babysitting and for a fabulous weekend :)

Also, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kyle, too! 



one big a** yoga mat....

alice keeney photography
alice keeney photography
yoga house of charleston
photo by me

photo by me

Yoga awesomeness, I tell ya....

I love the yoga community here in Charleston. 
When I first moved here and started doing yoga regularly there was a strong yoga community, but it was tiny. Like everyone would rotate between a handful of classes and you pretty much knew everyone else in there. 

Now more then seven years later there is an abundance of studios, varieties of classes/teachers/etc, and lots of fabulous prana to boot.
{prana means energy}

To celebrate the opening of the new full size Lululemon store there was even a 500 person yoga class in the middle of King Street on Friday. They called it "One Big Ass Yoga Mat" and it truly looked like King Street was actually one big mat.

I literally couldn't bear the thought of not being there and absorbing some of the good yoga vibes, so we stopped by before heading to dinner and I must say it was truly amazing. 

Now I must get my tush back to yoga ASAP. No excuses!

Namaste :)


pool + fathers day weekend

Happy one day belated Father's Day to all the dad's out there - especially to Kyle, my Dad, G'Pops and all the dads and dads-to-be!

We had an interesting weekend here - Saturday was great but then Kyle came down with a case of food poisoning on Sunday. 

Not exactly the best way to spend a Father's Day for him.....but he's feeling much better now. 

We've been hitting up the pool a lot recently and Big C is such a little fish these days. 
So different from how timid he was when we first started swim lessons this winter. 

We just got this Puddle Jumper flotation thingy for him and it's awesome. 
He can swim around on his own and it really helps him learn how to kick and get comfortable on his own in the water. 

Of course, we are always right there with him, but this does give him some Independence, too. 

geeze - what a mom face i have in this one! i'm probably saying "no running near the pool!"

Hope y'all had a great weekend and fathers day!



just your average scene around here....

Little e smiling

Big C innocently playing with his cars and trains 
while also pushing the limits juuuuust enough

{He's typically not allowed to touch her swing 
or nap nanny while she's in there or without asking Mama first. 
So instead, he stacked everything up along the edge} 

And me being so thankful for these two beautiful babies while also wondering where my sanity has gone - or if it will ever return?

 Maybe when they go to college??


sweet evie

forgot to post this one...melts my heart :)


catching up...in photos

It's been awhile!

This one is still active as ever, loving his Justin Bieber notebooks and giving little e lots of big brother kisses :) 

Keeping him busy has been a priority around here and we are always looking for new places to explore . The Mount Pleasant pier is a favorite as is the new walkway on Shem Creek....perfect for a good pre- nap time toddler run...

He loves to run so much I think we need to get him a pair of running sneakers. Normal shoes just aren't cutting it - he wants to "go FAST, mama!"

We've also been to the pool a few times....and look forward to pool day at our friend Kelly's pool every week {thanks, Kelly!}

Little e loves to model her dresses....

And onesies....

And has been making friends with her toys....

We spent some time in Waterfront Park downtown.... 

And then we did some more running....
{told ya! I wasn't kidding about the running!}



funny story....

We're still alive over here....

Just kinda on the busy side. 
Kyle is crazy busy with work and I'm crazy busy with two crazy kids.

No really....I think Big C took some crazy pills the day before his baby sister was born because he's been in rare form ever since. Or maybe it's just because he's two....but either way, he's keeping us on our toes. 

Case in point.....

We were in Target today and I told him he could pick out a notebook {just like Daddy's} so he could draw on the pages and hopefully keep the pens and markers off the walls, furniture, etc. 

Anyway, he was all excited so when we got to the notebook aisle I started showing him a few and asked if he wanted a red or blue cover...

He vetoed the options I'd selected and pointed to another shelf. 

"This one, this one!!" - {he seemed beyond excited at whatever it was}

Um....ok, let me see what you are pointing at....

I walked over to the shelf and this is what I found....

No joke. Can't make this stuff up. 

I tried to offer a few other options again - Are you SURE this is the one you want?? - but he kept saying "YES!" and had the biggest smile on his face. 
He wanted those Justin Bieber notebooks BAD. He wouldnt even settle for one. He HAD to have two.  

So we got them. He couldn't be happier and I am still cracking up thinking about it all. I don't think he even knows who Justin Bieber is, he just liked the photos, but still funny nonetheless....

I'll just plan on decorating the walls of his future big boy room with teeny bop posters :) 


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