sip and see

beautiful ladies (minus Shannon and Seren) 

Some of my lovely lady friends were so sweet and kind to throw a Sip and See party to celebrate little miss evie this weekend. 

Instead of having a baby shower for a second baby people tend to have a sprinkle before the baby is born or a sip and see after the baby arrives. A sip and see tends to be kind of a southern thing {I think?}, but I think it's nice to have the baby there...

  Kelly and Melissa organized and planned everything and we had a beautiful lunch downtown at Rue de Jean. Little E slept through most of the party, but finally opened her eyes toward the end so she could see all her fabulous new outfits and girly things :)

Thank you ladies for such a fun afternoon! We are so lucky to be in such fabulous company!!



little e is one month!

Little miss e is one month old today!

And we can't even remember what life was like without her! 

She's still sleeping like an angel - roughly 10pm to 4am, then up for about 45 min to nurse, burp, etc. and then back to sleep until about 7:30 or 8ish.
I'm hesitant to say this is how her sleeping pattern is going to stay....but it would be amazing if it does!

We've been doing tummy time and her head is getting strong. She discovered the mirror on her playmat yesterday and loves staring at her own face :) She is also VERY interested in what her older brother is up to and looks very happy whenever he gives her kisses.

She also loves her swing and loves being swaddled and laying on either Mommy or Daddy's chest for a nap.
If we try to move her to her bassinet or the swing she lets out a little pterodactyl sound to let us know she'd rather stay cozied up to us.
In fact, whenever she isn't happy about something she lets out a crazy little sound to voice her opinion. 

We can't wait to see what the next month brings - we love you little evie!



well said....

 via The Glow

"As a mom, you get to
experience what falling in 
love feels like again with 
each child."
- kate young via the glow

I couldn't agree more with this beautiful quote....



interior eye candy

via pinterest

Got *some* sleep last night....

a whole 5 hours! In two 2.5 hour increments...

But I'm feeling like a million buck - at least for now.

Anyway, I've been thinking about the last few details in Little E's room and saw this girls room on Pinterest. I love the crazy mix of colors and fun personality. That nightstand is pretty awesome - Bungalow 5, I think? And I never would have though to do orange curtains with the wallpaper but really love the contrast.

And what little girl wouldn't want a zebra!


....and then the sleep deprevation hit

Remember our lovely daughter who loved to sleep?

Last night we clocked a whopping one hour and 30 minutes of sleep....

It's not really her fault because somehow, despite my best efforts to keep them apart, Big C has given her his cold and she is a stuffed up mess. 

Or maybe it's just me who is the mess??

She actually seems fine during the day - maybe a sneeze here and there - but then as soon as 10pm rolls around it all goes haywire and she cries and cries and sniffles until about 6am. 

I think I finally drifted off right as Big C woke up for the day. 
Luckily Kyle was already on top of the coffee....

So rather then complain a little more I'm just going to leave you with two photo that melt my heart and remind me that a few sleepless nights are worth it.


happy mama's day!

Happy Mothers Day!

Especially to my mother, my grandmother, g'ma, and all the mothers and mothers-to-be I know! You are all amazing women and we are all so lucky to call you our mothers and friends!



2 weeks old today - AARRRGH!

2 weeks old and already a pirate! 

And this is just one of her many funny faces....

We also have the freaky baby smile....

and the "whistle while we work" face....

and of course we can't forget the pensive leg lift while sticking out her tongue face....

and here's another tongue just because it's cute :)

Happy two weeks little e!! 



rikshaw design trunk show


Rikshaw Design is having a trunk show in Charleston today and tomorrow. It is located at the cutest store ever, Novel, on King Street 
{seriously, they have a gorgeous array of clothing, jewelry, kids items, artwork, paper good, etc

It's located above Cynthia Rowley if you are having trouble finding it. 

I was there this morning and picked up a pair of bloomers for little e and an adult kurta. Just an early mama's day present....to myself :)

So go get yourself some, too!


one of my favorites

It's nap time here so I have a few minutes to spare on the computer. 

I was just going through some of 15,000 or so photos we've taken over the past two weeks and this is one of my favorites....

Also, Grandma left today {after visiting for two weeks} so now all bets are off as to how we are going to juggle two kids.....!




Big C has been eyeing the jump castle at the Farmers Market for months but was very reluctant to climb on until this weekend. Sometimes he can be very cautious about what he gets involved in...which I think is a very good thing....

Once he took the plunge he was in bounce-house heaven and LOVING IT :) Even the sight of cute doggies at the nearby dog show couldn't lure his attention away....and that's saying a lot!

Love the little girls face in the photo above....

while some major activity was going on in the jump castle, this is what the little miss was doing outside...

yep, sleeping beauty was unfazed by all the activity. but she did seem happy in her cinco de mayo outfit :)


a happy boy

Hawaiian shaved ice at the farmers market = Big C's new favorite thing.

in the beginning....

somewhere in the middle....

the sticky end....

quickly followed by bath time :)


little e's first week

One week old today (!!) and this little lady likes to SLEEP! 

Whether it's in her bassinet, the swing, the nap nanny or in our arms, she always seems to be sleeping - or nursing - but mainly sleeping. 

After a wakeful first night at home, she's managed to sleep almost through the night every night since. I'd like to say we have a little sleep angel on our hands but I know better the to get used to this....and now that I've mentioned it I'm sure she will be up every hour tonight.

That's ok, though, because she is so cute and cuddly and I miss seeing her bright eyes when she is asleep :)



new at lulu

lululemon heatwave maxi dress

We've been taking it easy here and hanging out with babylicious for the past few days :) 

I've found about 3.2 seconds of free time to connect to the outside world on my computer/blogs/email so haven't really had the chance to check all this out yet, but I did see an email announcing Lululemon is now in the business of maxi dresses, bathing suits and beach accessories. 

So clearly I had to use those 3.2 free seconds to check it all out....

And at first glance, I'm impressed! and excited to see what other designs they have instore for the future.

Need to see the dress {pictured above} in person. Seems like they could have added a bit more material to the sides....?


lululemon heatwave bikini
{By the way....the bikini photo above is totally what my abs look like 5 days after having Evie}

I love that they are expanding and think easy to wear dresses and clothing {that you can dress up a bit more then yoga wear} are right up my alley...

Go check it out and report back! Could be awhile until I make it to the store....


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