34 weeks

Well, it's actually really more like 34 and a half weeks - and I'll be 35 weeks on Sunday.

And don't judge the still-wet from the shower hair or the squinty eyes from the late afternoon sun. This is about as good as it's gonna get for a few months....or maybe even for a few years {poor kyle!}

And I had to include this last one, too, because it makes me laugh out loud. I'd say it's reminiscent of a mid-70's Polaroid and an expectant mother posing at her local block-party BBQ...with the grill in the back, and all.

Really it's just me and Instagram in our backyard, but Kyle wanted to get a photo of the flower bed he planted a few weeks ago. Lovely, isn't it?


rikshaw designs and native kids at j.crew


Have I been living in the dark? Two of my favorite kids lines - Rikshaw Design and Native Kids are now available at J.Crew....how awesome is that!?

I am LOVING this pink fish print and think it's cute on pretty much everything - the kurta, bloomers {of course} and the burp/bib set. 


C's Native Kids shoes from last summer are still going strong and will probably last us a whole other sseason. I might pick up another pair in blue because he wears them all the time and I love that he can put them on himself....


And while we're on the topic of J.Crew, there are a number of cute women's things that have caught my eye, too. I can't wait to get out of maternity clothes and these things have me so excited for summer...and a waistline.




I found that printed mint top above at the j.crew factory store here and *might* be able to get away with wearing it as a maternity top. I better try soon, though, because this belly is getting bigger by the second! 


late march beach day

The weather has been beautiful here recently so C and I took advantage of the sunshine and went out to Sullivan's on Friday.

Although he's been to the beach a million times, he seems to understand so much more about the ocean, sand, fish, birds, boats, etc now which helps him {and me} enjoy it more. We spent a lot of time playing in the sand, watching birdies and looking for doggies on the beach. I feel like there is so much learning going on in his little brain on days like these.

So much has changed in the past six months and over the past year...I've really loved all the stages so far {infant, crawler, walker, etc} but now that his vocabulary and comprehension is expanding I can talk to him like he's a real person and he understands. Our little baby isn't just a two year old - he's a BOY!


recent baby bargin finds

I was in Tar-jay the other day looking for my favorite basic onesies for baby girl. They had zero in stock and I was wondering what was up. I checked out the Target website last night and turns out they are all on clearance. Score! You can find them here.

Since I was already on the Target website I also did a search for nursing bras and low and behold, another one of my favorites is also on clearance. You can find them here.

These are great basic nursing bras for sleeping in and hanging around the house. Very comfy and more flattering on then they appear to be on the model.
Also, Gilt started an UPPABaby sale yesterday and the Vista is reduced to $485 - which is a pretty good deal. UPPA Baby is my favorite line of strolers next to the BOB.

Last but not least, I picked up a pair of these white linen maternity pants and they are so comfortable!

Since I'm nearing the end of this pregnancy I didn't want to spend a lot on a new pair of maternity pants and these were a steel at $30. Plus, they are under the belly with a smocked waistband in the back so they can easily be worn after the baby arrives, too. If you are going to be pregnant this summer, I'd say a pair of white linen pants is a must. You can find them here.

Happy Friday, everyone!


jeep off-roading at the playground

We were happily playing at the playground on Tuesday afternoon when suddenly a little girl and her younger brother arrived in their own Jeep.

It was a beautiful afternoon so naturally the playground was packed with kids. Well as soon as the Jeep arrived, every single kid stopped what they were doing and turned to watch the girl and her brother drive by. C-man had a look of amazement on his face -  two kids driving a car! - it was like nothing he'd ever seen!

The girl and her brother {she was about 7 and he was just over 2} did a few laps around the playground and then were nice enough to offer rides to some of the other kids. As soon as C got on he was in heaven. Sheer joy is the only way to describe the look on his face....when his ride was over, he stood in the corner of the playground saying "more, more..." over and over.

Of course, now he wants his own....


pretty things for baby

Because this is baby number two we already have most of the baby essentials from when C was born. However, many things are blue or slightly boyish - which really doesn't matter all that much...a bath tub is still a bath tub whether it's blue or pink - but I'd still really like to pick up a few new toys and little things for our baby girl. I definitely don't plan on replacing any of the major items - just little tidbits that have a pretty, girly feel. 


C's second birthday party

C-man turned two on Saturday!

The weather turned out beautifully and we had a fun, low-keyish party in our backyard. After asking how old he was turning a million or so times, he now seems to have the word "two" down pat. Everything is two...

Q: How many goldfish do you want?
A: Two!

Q: It's bath time, let's go get your towel
{just as we pick up his towel}
A: One maah? Two?

As we are driving....
C: "big tuck, big tuck!" "ahhh....TWO tucks!"

Anyway, despite feeling prepared going into Saturday, the party went a little something like this....spend the morning furiously running around getting everything ready > clean house as quickly as possible > shower in 5 min flat so I'm not in shorts and the only remaining lulu top that currently still fits when guests arrive > forget to prepare some of the apps > quickly prepare forgotten apps > guests arrive > I'm still getting things ready > decide I don't have time to dry my hair so I just throw it up in a messy bun {as usual} > party starts > kids have a BLAST > think adults are happy too > blow out candles on cake > forget to open presents while everyone is here > guests depart > CRASH on the sofa and hope baby #2 doesn't arrive anytime soon so I won't have to pull off two back-to-back parties in the future...

The cake was DELICIOUS and from Honey's Baking. I'm still helping myself to leftover slices from the fridge....and a big thanks to Honey for making it!

After singing Happy Birthday he ploped himesef down on the ground and dove right into his cake...

As I started posting these pics I realized I barely took any of the projects I made for the party....including water bottle labels and a few other little things. Maybe some more pics will surface and I'll re-post some of the details...

Happy Birthday to our little big man!


first official haircut

Sitting in a fire truck while eating your first lollipop is SO MUCH COOLER then sitting on the kitchen counter and having your mom cut your hair. 

The outcome is better too...still kind of looks like a mushroom, but much improved from my hacking job on Sunday. There is only so much you can do to fix a bad haircut.....

I was expecting a major meltdown and a very squirmy almost-two-year-old, but he did a great job and is ready for his big party on Saturday! 

Bring on the twos!


32 weeks

My feet have disappeared beneath my 32 week baby belly. I'm looking forward to seeing them again sometime around mid-May.

stage 1 of this painting - waiting for the first layer to dry a bit and then need to keep working on it....

In other news, I've finally found the time to pick up painting again. It's isn't quite a painting for pleasure only kind of deal - it's more of a 'we need some artwork in this space so why not paint my own' - kind of thing. But I'd really forgotten how much I missed using oil paint and promptly announced to Kyle that if I had more time and space I'd really like to be a painter. His response was "well, just do it" - which is slightly easier said then done....

We also had a haircutting mishap here on Sunday and are headed to a kid friendly salon this afternoon for an emergency hair-fix after Mama got a little too scissor happy. I can't even bring myself to show you  a clear photo of his current hair-state and am embarrassed he's even out in public at school right now....

Here's a back and white shot of him watching his new favorite show - it's called the Monday Morning Garbage Truck

And now I'm off to paint!


some lighting assistance, please?

So I need some help....

And yes, I know I haven't shown you a full mood board of what baby girl's room is going to look like yet...but I still need some help figuring out an overhead lighting solution. We currently have an ugly dark brown ceiling fan and yucky yellow tinted light combo going on. Much to the dismay of my electrician {that "electrician" - a term I use rather loosely - would be Kyle, of course} isn't too thrilled with changing out the fixture, but in my opinion it simply has got to go. Not only is it ugly, but it swings when the fan is on and I have nightmares of the thing falling in the middle of the night. And the dim yellow glow of light really isn't doing the room any favors, either.

So, here are a few options. I want to keep the fixture budget friendly, easy{ish} to install {no major re-hard wiring of sconces that requires drilling through the drywall}, feminine without being TOO girly, small in size, and a light color so it fits in with the coral/white/green theme.

Birds on a Vine Lantern from Shades of Light 


Bamboo Lantern from Shades of Light

* this one is WAY too expensive {$895!} but I love it and have been looking for a less expensive alternative
Malibu Chandelier from Serena & Lily


Jonathan Adler Ceramic Sprout Pendant


West Elm Small Wire Pendant - white

Which one gets your vote??


artist market recap

Whew - we had a very busy, long and rainy weekend here. All good, though!

I had the artist market on Saturday and standing up for 6 or so hours can really wipe a pregnant lady out! Despite it being a dreary and rainy day, overall it went really well and I met lots of cool people and even some blog readers! I introduced a new item - 5x7 prints - and they sold well and will be available for purchase in the ETSY store soon.

We spent most of Sunday at Lowes, building bookshelves for the living room {Kyle's project} and picking up random items and power tools. Why is it that men ALWAYS have to have the most expensive tool for minor projects?? I left him in the store and took C to the car {after a crazy toddler meltdown} and out he came with a brand new DeWalt jig saw. Not exactly essential for the task at hand, but "so cool" and "a good addition to our power tool line up".


Then Sunday afternoon swimming lessons and last night I also started working out the details of C's 2nd birthday party which is less then two weeks away!! *TWO* years old!! Where has the time gone?!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!


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