snowy weekend in virginia

I'm a little late in posting these photos, but we took a weekend trip to Virginia two weeks ago for a friends wedding. On the trip up I mentioned I'd love to see a small amount of snow {no blizzards, thank you very much} just so I'd feel like it was really winter. It's been so warm in Charleston that this Boston-raised girl isn't sure what is going on with the seasons! Anyway, it managed to snow the perfect amount and our friends wedding day was a beautiful winter wonderland with a light blanket of snow.

C-man also had his first brief experience with snow. Although he did see it last winter, he didn't really know what was going on and this was the first time he was able to pick it up and see what it was all about.

He was interested, but overall we're happy to occasionally visit the snow, rather then live with it all the time :)


5 things...for friday

I typically do not do regular or themed posts, mainly because my blogging can be a little, um, irregular? at times. But I keep seeing posts like this around the blog world and it usually hits home for me because it's rare that I'm not pulled five directions {or more} at once. My brain is constantly spinning with multiple ideas and thoughts, so this morning I figured why not embrace it and do a post about all the things that are on my mind.

Hence, 5 things for Friday.....enjoy!

I was out looking at double strollers yesterday {for an upcoming post about the pros and cons of various models - inspired by Meredith} and stopped into Old Navy just to see what they had. I immediately spotted this awesome maxi skirt, saw that it was on sale, and decided it was perfect for a little post-baby, get my body back in shape inspiration. How perfect with a basic white tank and a fun necklace?! I'm so excited to wear it at some point this summer.

By the way, I'm not usually a big Old Navy fan because their stuff just never fits me right. However, I noticed a big change in their product line this visit - they've stepped up their game big time and had some REALLY cute items. Go check them out if you have a chance.


LOVE this furniture. Too bad the prices are usually $$$$. I have a bone inlay inspired DIY project up my sleeve that I'm hoping to try before baby #2 arrives. Fingers crossed I can make it happen.


I saw this quote this morning and love how truthful it. I completely agree that looking good and feeling good is hard work. If you just sit around on your tush all day, you'll probably feel like crap-ola, too. I was pretty fit in my pre-mommyhood days - and fully intend to be fit again in the future - but it took hard work, hours of yoga classes and many miles of running logged to get there. Granted, I liked doing all those thing {for the most part} but if you want to feel good and look good, too, then get your tush moving.


Joanna, the author of one of my favorite blogs, Cup of Joe, recently had her bedroom made over by Jenny, the author of another of my favorite blogs, Little Green Notebook. Jenny is absolutely genius and used a color pallet that I never every would have thought to use for a bedroom, but I absolutely love the way it turned out. I can not stop looking at the photos for my own interior decorating inspiration and also love that she did almost everything on a major budget. Click here for the before and after.

Every time I see my OBGYN for a check up she asks if I'm drinking enough water. I try to stay as hydrated as possible and tend to forgo any other drink {soda, juice, etc} in favor of just drinking water. A yoga teacher once told me "the cure to almost any minor ailment is to drink more water". I've always remembered that and find that it's pretty true. If I'm feeling sluggish, like I'm getting sick or have a headache I just try to drink more water and it usually solves the problem.

Happy Friday, everyone!


25 weeks

25 weeks {and a few days} down - 15 to go! 

not sure what was going on with the light here?

Even my doctor mentioned how she can't believe I'm 25 weeks already. Craziness....

I've slowed down, big time, but overall am still feeling pretty good. I know these days of feeling pretty good are numbered {and will soon become days of feeling like walking up the stairs is the biggest effort in the world} so I'm trying to get as much done as I can before that happens. I made a "to-do before baby list" yesterday while I was waiting in the doctors office and kind of freaked myself out. It's lengthy. And full of big projects. So....we'll see how much actually gets done. Kyle has nicknamed me the slave driver around here because almost every evening I mention a little "project" I need his help with. And then, of course, it snowballs into a bigger projects and basically takes up our entire night. Poor guy just wants to relax after a long day of work - and then I force him to hang curtains, paint the bathroom and move furniture around. 

So we are on the downward slope toward 40 weeks. Almost to the third trimester. Almost to being a family of FOUR. Almost to what I hope will be a quick and painless labor {fingers crossed}. And almost to meeting our baby girl!


first day of school!

Our baby is {almost} all grown up!

We returned from a long weekend in Virginia {pics to come soon} last night and work up this morning for C-man's first day of school! Ok, well not technically "school", but rather a mother's morning out program he will be attending two mornings per week. The program is in a larger pre-school, so it does feel a bit like real school. When I dropped him off we put his backpack in his cubby, explored his new classroom, met his teacher, Miss Martha and then went out to the playground to join the other kids for morning playtime. When I kissed him goodbye he could have cared less that I was leaving and went right for the tricycles and started playing - I guess playtime at school is much, much cooler then hanging out with mama all day!

So now I'm sitting in a quiet house and might even take a shower before 6pm today! I miss my little man, but am awfully excited to have a few hours a week to myself....until baby #2 arrives in May, that is :)


honey's baking

In my former life {pre-mommyhood} I freelanced as a graphic designer, which I absolutely loved. Design projects have taken a major backseat recently as I just don't have the time {or the brain power} to devote to them right now, but from time to time I do work on a little something just to keep my brain from turning to mush.

Last spring I helped two friends design the logo and business cards for their new business called Honey's Baking. I absolutely love the name and it couldn't be more perfect because one of them is actually named Honey - how appropriate! She makes the yummiest cupcakes you've ever tasted and gorgeously beautiful cakes. She is here locally in Charleston and hopes to eventually open a brick and motor bakery with another friend, Katherine.

business card ~ front
business card ~ back

Here's something to make your mouth water....

hot chocolate cupcakes!

How yummy does all of that look!?

Anyway, just wanted to share a little side project that I've worked on. If anyone is interested in ordering from Honey's Baking you can find all their info on their facebook page here. Or send me a message and I can put you in touch :)


weekend painting projects

The baby's room is painted! The baby's room is painted! 

I couldn't be more excited and feel like a major box is finally checked off my list. Now I can start to arrange furniture, hang things on the wall, etc. While kyle we were painting mister big brother was enjoying some down time and cuddled with all his best buds in our bed...

Now, this photo below is pretty horrible - the window is bare, the lighting is all wrong and I'm not even sure if the paint was dry yet. But here's a sneak peak of baby girls room in it's pre-pre-decorated state....

As for the downstairs bath that I'm striping out....all I can say is.....holy hell, what a mess! So I finished all the taping and measuring and was so excited to finally start painting. Well about 5 minutes into it all I was rolling along and stepped back for a minute to take a look. I could tell immediately the color was just not going to work in that space. Waaaaaay too dark against the white and just not right for a room without any natural light. Aye, aye, ayyyyye! I would have don't anything to make it work - even considered mixing some white into the paint to lighten it up - but then thought if I do need to touch it up and run out of paint, it would be even more of a disater.

So....I put the paint brush down and cried.

Ok, not really cried. But I wanted to.....badly.

Instead of making a rash decision about a new color I took a few days off from my little project. After some clarity and much deliberation, today we finally decided on a new color. I just painted a test sample and it looks a million times better {woohoo!} so there is finally light at the end of the striped tunnel!

Here are the way too dark stripes {monroe bisque by benjamin moore, if you're wondering}

See? Too dark, right?

So here is the color we are using instead

Elephant tusk by Benjamin Moore. A shade or two lighter and much nicer in the space. Looks great layered over the white. I was hoping I might not have to prime over the darker color again but I think in the end it will be better and cleaner if I do. So....back to the bathroom I go.


painting horizontal stripes is hard work!

Someone save me, please!

Whoever said painting horizontal stripes was an easy DIY project is wrong!

Wrong, wrong, wrong!!

These suckers are taking me forever! It doesn't help that after hours of detailed measuring, taping and leveling I'm still paranoid that they will still result in slightly skewed lines that will drive me crazy every time I look at them.

This is the smallest room we are repainting, but it's taking the longest - by far. It's our downstairs half bath, so I thought it would be a good place to do something fun. The previous color was bright orange, so really anything was a vast improvement....

Kyle helped prime and paint it white, but these crazy stripes are my little side project. Fingers crossed that this is worth it in the end - if not, it's back to a white box and square one.

Now please excuse me while I return to squeezing my pregnant belly in between the toilet and the wall so I can finish measuring and taping....


baby girls room color

Bold, yes. But I loooove it and am so excited to see how it all comes together! The color is called Cool Lava by Benjamin Moore and is a pretty coral/pink.

Since the color is quite intense I'm planning to balance it with lots of white basics and pops of green. I'm still working on an overall mood board for the room and need to find a great light fixture to replace the ugly brown fan currently in the room. Suggestions welcome :) I'm thinking something girly, but not too girly {no crystals} and possibly vintage or at the very least something unique that I haven't seen everywhere...


two new rides

Finger in belly button. Feet barely on pedals. Helmet {reluctantly} on head.

Connor is well on his way to exploring the mean streets of Charleston....on his tricycle.

After a few false starts we finally made it out of the driveway. Steering is slow going, but he's getting the hang of it. He made it about halfway down the block until he realized it might be much easier for him to bag the pedaling and steering and just do this....

Smart boy!

It was close to nap time and tricycling is hard work for little legs, so we took it down a notch and broke out the second set of new wheels for a laid back ride around the neighborhood.

He relaxed while I pulled - though I think he might need to start pulling me in a few weeks...

Thanks Grandma, Grandpa, G'ma and G'pops for the awesome new rides!


caftan, anyone?

EmersonMade Butterfly Caftan

I just had a moment where I realized "uggggh, I'm pregnant"

Not in a bad way - we are very excited to welcome this baby girl! - but rather in a "uggggh, I can barely shave my legs" and "ugggggh, even my maternity clothes are uncomfortable" and "ugggggh, I barely remember what it felt like for my body to be sans an hourly session with a mini-kickboxer". It also doesn't help that I caught a glimpse of my reflection while walking in front of a store today and noticed how completely unflattering my maternity skinny jeans and outfit looked. So as I sit here, in Kyle's oversized t-shirt and my wide leg comfy pants {because this is really all that's comfortable these days} I've decided I might just bring the caftan back into fashion for these remaining 18 weeks. If EmersonMade can pull it off then I think I might give it a shot, too....

I mean, look how calm and comfy she is....

Must be the caftan....


2011 >> 2012

We made it back to Charleston before New Years and Kyle's brother, Blair, and sister-in-law, Ashley, came to visit. We went out to a yummy dinner at Cru Cafe and drinks at Husk before heading back to our house on the early side ring in the New Year. C-man was already asleep for the night and Blair and Kyle soon followed. Ashley and I managed to see the ball drop and made it to 12:01am before calling it a night. Clearly, we're time party animals over here - it crack me up to see how much things have changed in the last few years.

sorry for the red eyes!

On New Years Day we went to the polar bear plunge on Sullivan's Island and then to the block party. I didn't go in the water {pregnancy, a bikini and a freezing ocean shouldn't mix} but everyone else happily froze their tockus off :)

We took down the tree last night and now our living room looks like we just moved in again...so back to the decorating planning I go! Happy New Year everyone!

christmas in virginia

Wow - I can't believe Christmas and New Years have come and gone already! I've been using the holidays as a sort of check point for how ready we need to be for baby #2. Now that they are over, it means her arrival is our next major event and I better get crackin' on her nursery. We're also planning hoping to potty train C-man before baby #2 arrives, transition him to a new big boy bed, AND start him in a pre-school program so he's adjusted before his little sister takes over the house for awhile. Oh, and teach him how to fluently speak Spanish, just because it might be fun to add to the mix {JOKING!}.

As for the holidays, we spent  a wonderful week or so in Virginia. First in Virginia Beach for Christmas at my sister and brother-in-law's house with my parents and family and then to the DC area for another celebration with Kyle's parents and family. My parents and grandmother came with us to DC so it was great to have everyone together for an extended Christmas celebration. C-man made out like a bandit and his playroom is bursting at the seams with new toys. I also picked up a new easel and table set for him at Ikea so he'll have a place to play with all his new puzzles, markers and paints.

C's new Polar Express train set....

The two Grandpa's adjusting C's new tricycle....

A budding musician?....



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