potty training

We are two and a half days into potty training. 

I have been dreading this time for quite awhile now - 
cleaning poop out of a potty really isn't something to look forward to....

So far things are going pretty well. 

I say "pretty well" rather then excellent because it's hard
Hard for us parents, hard for the kids, hard for everyone. 

We decided to follow the hardcore method. 
No diaper (except at nap time and bedtime - we aren't THAT hardcore) and no pull ups. C is on school vacation until January and seemed SOOO ready. 
So we bit the bullet and decided to take advantage of this school-free week. 

I've heard a bazillion stories about kids who were trained in two days. 
Kids who never had an accident, etc, etc....

Well, maybe they are lying. Or maybe their kids are just angel saints. 
But C was totally ready for this (he hated being in a wet diaper, told us as soon as he went, is very vocal and can talk to us about what he's feeling, and seemed to be able to hold it for awhile)
but it's still hard and my absolute least favorite phase of parenting.
We've only had two accidents (pee) and for some crazy reason he's completely comfortable going poop on the potty - it seems to be peeing that's the problem.

** Side note ** 
he is going to hate me for writing this when he's a teenager!  

He had a total breakdown today (maybe I did too??!) and told me he didn't want to be potty trained and wanted to wear diapers instead. Well, I felt for him and completely understood just how difficult this was for a little man. All he's heard for the past 2.5 days is "Connor, do you need to use the potty? Do you need to go pee???" and I'm sure it's driving him crazy.

Anyway, I'm hoping it gets better. There has to be a breakthrough at some point, right? Tomorrow I'm going to lessen the prompting and see what happens. 

Fingers crossed.

photo by shannon michele photograhpy


  1. Awww. ..he's trying to transition but it is hard....he's still a baby. He will get it when he is ready and able....be patient and understanding, as I know you are...it's not easy, but he will transition.
    Love, Mom

  2. My mom used to teach preschool and I have heard her say that a lot of little boys have great luck with potty training when they have a game to play...like "shooting" the cherios in the bowl :) Obviously you won't want to throw cherios into every toilet in town, so maybe it can be a reward at the end of the day or something. Good luck. So glad you had kids first so you can tell me how to do everything. You are a wonderful mama, and I'm sure C'man will be a potty champ in no time.

  3. poor connor! poor mom and dad! this is just a test of patience. you'll get there soon!



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