nailhead is hard!

I've been working on decorating our bedroom for what seems like forever now. Every other room in the house took precedence and now I'm finally (...slowly) making some updates. I've had about 15 different ideas over the past few months for a new headboard and in the end I just wanted a quick fix so I kept our simple white headboard and added antique gold nailhead trim. I took the easy way out (I wanted this project to be QUICK!) so I used the strips rather then individually nailing each nailhead. Overall I found it pretty difficult to get it straight and even. I'm happy with the end result, but it wasn't quite as easy as I'd hoped. I also had a local shop make a pair of pillows out of a favorite fabric I've been hanging onto for awhile now.

It's getting there....slowly but surely!

And in other news....looks like we have a little stander on our hands!

 Go Evie!



  1. Headboard looks great. Love the look on little E's face....she is adorable!

  2. I hear you, Marisa! I just did a nailhead project and boy oh boy was it harder than I thought it would be. I even have some cuts and bruises to prove it :) xo

  3. Marisa- just found your blog. Love it and the new nailhead headboard. Had a blast talking design and blogs at Tim and Kelly's - we must do it again soon!

    - Amy



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