back in the swing of things

This poor little blog has been seriously neglected recently so I'm going to make an early resolution to get back in the swing of regular (or semi-regular) posts. And hopefully y'all will hold me to it! 

We had a great weekend full of holiday parties, family photos (can't wait to see the images!), hanging out and finally getting our Christmas tree. Big C is beyond excited to "deck-rate" the tree and thinks having a real, live TREE in our living room is pretty cool.

Is it just me or did the holidays totally creep up on everyone this year? 
We went to a fun holiday party on Saturday and it reminded me how much I love having some adult time. Why oh why don't we do that more often??? 

Oh...that's right....these two little sweeties :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend and hopefully I'll be posting on here more frequently again.....



  1. Love the picture of C Man measuring the tree and Miss E and C Man in their Santa hats.....adorable!
    Love, Mom

  2. I love seeing the blog updated! The last photo could totally be a christmas card...they are so funny together!!

  3. I agree with Ally....last picture would be a very funny Christmas card!

  4. Glad you're back - love seeing the little muffins and the happy family - great job, Mama (or is it Momma?)-


  5. That last picture of Connor and Evie is perfection. Blow that up and hang it on the wall!

    xo Aunt Tini

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