a trip to upstate new york

We took a trip to upstate NY this weekend for my friend Nicole's wedding. Hurricane Sandy almost forced a venue change at the last minute, but the wedding went on as planned....minus one bridesmaid dress which was being held hostage at a tailor shop in midtown Manhattan closed due to the power outage. 

My parents and grandmother drove up from Boston to babysit and Big C and Little E had a blast hanging with them and also meeting all their long-lost aunts and uncles {my good friends from college} who are scattered around the country in San Francisco, NY and Boston.

The weather was a wee bit chilly but we all had fun and I love, love, love getting to hang with friends I love so much, but rarely see these days. Me thinks a few California trips are in order in the near future :)

mastering the moving walkways - and running super fast

hanging with his new lady love, Keira

Little E meeting her great-grandmother, who her middle name is named after 
freezing at the rehearsal dinner (btw, I did have on a dress but changed to warm up!)

blurry but cracks me up

heading home

Congrats Nicole and Mark!



  1. Great pictures....it was a fun weekend. Miss those beautiful babies.
    Love, Mom

  2. oh my gosh your friend's dress is beautiful!! That wedding looked like such a lovely time!



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