I figured a post about a variety of random things is better then no post at all....right?

So here we go....

First off... a very belated congratulations to Ashley and Blair on the birth of their little ladies! Welcome to the world, Reese and Michaela! Big C keeps telling us how excited he is to have two new cousins and we all can't wait to meet you! xoxo

Next up...I took this video last night and can not stop laughing at it.
Don't worry, he was just fine despite the little run in with the wall. 

And lastly, part of the reason behind my recent lack of posts is because the stomach bug struck our house last week and over the weekend.
It wasn't pretty. At all.

Think we are finally on the road to recovery...but listen to this....Kyle lost 8 lbs (!) while he was sick. Kind of a nice perk after all the yuckiness of being sick.

And guess what else...I gained 1 lb.

Um.....who GAINS weight while they have the stomach bug?? 

Apparently I do...


Back to the gym for this mama...

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  1. Indeed - anything is better than no post. Glad you are all on the mend - Can't wait to see you.



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