6 months (+ 4 days)

Half a year is under her belt and our big girl is sitting up, talking ALL the time (or rather squawking all the time), chewing on everything and is so, sooo close to getting her first tooth!

We've had a few rough weeks of sickness here and miss evie has had everything from the stomach bug to a bad cold, all in addition to teething. She's smiled through it all, though, and is such a happy girl!

For the past few months she's been discovering the world around her, but now she's super interested in everything that's going on. When she hears a new voice in the room she darts her eyes around to see who it is, she can no longer be contained on the small playmat and rolls all around the living room touching and inspecting everything she can get her hands (and mouth) on. She's interested in C's toys now, which is a whole new arena of "sharing" for him, and sitting up has given her a new vantage point and you can just tell she's so proud of herself and happy to be sitting up like the rest of us.

Solids are still not a favorite, but she is getting better about eating them. She also loves when you sing to her and especially likes to watch people dance. I can get a few good belly laughs out of her if I dance around the kitchen, but really it's still C who gets her to laugh the most :)

Happy Halloween, everyone!! 


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