5 months

What's miss evie been up to? 


Now that she's 5 months old (!!) she has entered the world of solid food, sleeping in her own crib, rolling over any chance she gets and making her little voice be heard! She squeaks and squawks like nothing I've ever heard before. She's a loud little thing for sure and when she wants your attention or wants to tell you something, she lets you know!

We've been working on solid food for a few weeks now and nearly every bite that goes in comes right back out. It seems like the spoon is the problem because I tried using my finger to feed her a few times and the little bugger gobbled it right up. 

She's also been doing well in her crib and is sleeping from about 8pm until 7am - with a fussy period at around 3am. When I hear her over the baby monitor I usually get up and give her a pacifier to soothe her and she falls back asleep relatively easily. With the exception of her middle of the night pacifier usage, she usually prefers to chew on her hands and self-soothe during the day. 

We've also started gymboree play and learn classes and she looooves to sing, play and hang out with the other babies. She's doing well with sitting up on her own but still needs a little support to keep from  face planting. She loves to stand and looks so proud of herself when we hold her up and she can see the world from a different vantage point. 

a GIANT headband just for fun during our photo shoot :)

About two weeks ago she started reaching out for things and grabbing. If you hold something in front of her she locks her eyes on it, squawks her little heart out until she gets ahold of it and then looks so thrilled and happy when she finally has it in her hands.

Miss evie and her big brother are also best buds these days. He's the only one who can make her laugh hysterically and it's the most adorable thing to watch. I keep meaning to get a video of the two of them because it will be so fun for them to watch again when they are older.

She loves to flash him smiles when he gets home from pre-school and as soon as he notices she gets so excited and kicks her legs. I swear they have their own way of communicating and its so sweet to see how much they love each other already....

he was singing to her here...




  1. Love the update.....these little ones are precious.
    Love, Mom

  2. Adorable! Love to you all!




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