first day, new school

I can't even believe Big C is starting his new school today....I mean where did the time go??! And he's only been gone for about an hour and I already miss him! 

He had his last mom's morning out class last Thursday and started his new school today. He'll be there through Kindergarten and we are so excited to see him grown and learn in his new environment. The teachers and school are pretty amazing and I think he's going to love it!

In preparation we went for a beginning-of-the-new-school-year haircut. Someone was super excited to sit in the airplane this time. Apparently fire trucks are so last season....

And although I'd love to say Evie and I will be taking advantage of our free time while Big C is in school, in reality I will be sitting on the sofa icing my foot. My genius-self managed to jam my pinkie toe on the wooden leg of our sofa over the weekend. And for such a tiny toe, holy hell does it hurt! I'm now sporting a mean bruise on the top of my swollen foot and hobbling around. Lovely.

As you can see above, Evie has a new favorite bestie to hang out with, though :)


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  1. Not only are planes way cooler than fire trucks...it's a NAVY plane!! Uncle Will will be proud of your choice C! I bet E is enjoying having her mommy all to herself this morning!



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