4 months!

4 months! 4 months!

Time is flying by, as usual.... 
Little e is now good to go to begin solids but I think we'll probably wait another month or so. It seems someone absolutely hates drinking anything other then milk directly from mama. We haven't been very good about giving her a bottle regularly and now she'll have nothing to do with it. We're going to keep trying, though, and hope the window hasn't closed on that one....

Otherwise she is as happy as can be and is growing fast! Yesterday she was 13 lbs 12oz, 25.75 inches, and her head was 16.5cm (if I remember correctly?) That puts her in 50% for weight, 85% for height and 95% for head circumference. 

Yep...just about right for this family of giant heads. Big C has been off the charts huge since he was 2 months old. Looks like we'll be skipping right to the big girl sized hats for her, too :)

I put her in the same onesie as last month and although she doesn't look that much bigger, she is definitely much longer. Her feet hang over the end of her car seat and she likes to pick up her blanket with her toes. 

As for the flower headband....we typically don't rock those because I think they look silly. But I picked this one up at Janie & Jack a few weeks ago - it seemed simple and pretty and I thought we'd give it shot. when I tried it on her she lit up and seemed to love it. So maybe cute little headbands are in our in our future....? In an extra-large size, of course :)


  1. I LOVE headbands...the tiny, dainty ones though (nothing that looks remotely like the real housewives kids would wear). The one you picked up at J&J is precious.

  2. Oh, Sweet Evie!! Love the headband - Thanks for posting - Love, G'Ma

  3. She is so sweet! Her headband looks cute. I agree though, the large headbands are pretty awful! I hate when the flower is larger than the baby's head!!

  4. Love those sweet little monkeys!

  5. Perfect headband :) There are plain ones with no accoutrements on them, too! She is so pretty!

  6. These are two of the most beautiful children.
    Love, Mom



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