the day evie was born

I've been meaning to write out evie's birth story for awhile. Now that she's almost three months old, I figured I better get to it!

Her official due date was May 6, 2012 but at out first ultrasound she measured a few days early and my doctor {Dr. Wilson} debated changing the date to May 3. Ultimately she decided to leave it as the 6th since it was only a few days difference and due dates aren't always an exact science. Connor was born 5 days early, so based on his early arrival and the possibility of  my due date being a few days before the 6th, I was pretty sure she was planning to make an early arrival all along.

At my 36 week doctors appt, I was 2 cm dilated and about 50% effaced. By my next appointment at 37.5 weeks I was 3cm and almost fully effaced. I felt like things were progressing and although I wanted baby girl to hang out for as long as possible, I was basically on pins and needles waiting for something to happen. 

At my 38 week appt on Friday April 20th my belly was suddenly measuring 1cm too small {I had previously been measuring right on target} we did an ultrasound to check my fluid levels. The baby had also dropped considerably and I'd lost my mucus plug {sorry for TMI}. My fluid turned out to be fine but we had a discussion about who was on call over the weekend because this was the EXACT same scenario that happened with C. With him I was also suddenly measuring small and just so happened to go into labor the next day. I left the appt 100% convinced I was going into labor over the weekend and went home and made sure everything was packed.

Saturday April 21 at the Farmers Market - hoping walking would do some good

The weekend came and went and I was going bonkers waiting for a sign that something was going to happen. Time fet like it was moving at a freakish warp-slow speed and Kyle and I both felt like we were sitting around staring at each other waiting for something to happen.

 My mom was scheduled to come into town on Wednesday, April 25th and although we had a plan for what to do with Big C if something happened before that, logistics were going to be much easier if everything waited until she was here to stay with him. I kept going back and forth between hoping baby girl would hold off until my mom arrived, but also hoping we could just get the show on the road because I was going cookoo waiting. 

Luckily my mom arrived on Wednesday as planned and on Friday I had another doctors appt at 10am. I'd been feeling funny all morning but at that point I wasn't sure if I was truly feeling pre-labor signs or if I was just willing them to start. Kyle needed to wrap up a project for work, so I went to the appt by myself. I was 5cm dilated and fully effaced and Dr. Wilson tried to talk me into going directly to the hospital to be induced. At this point she knew I was ready and since I was so dilated she said it wouldn't take long. My fluid levels were also low but still above what they considered to be a safe amount.

I was hesitant to be induced, so she sent me to have a non-stress test and said if that looked good I could go home and wait to go into labor naturally, otherwise she was sending me to the hospital. Just before she left the exam room she stopped herself and said " hang on one minute. let me check you again and see if I can get things going". So she gave me what she called an "aggressive check" which is also called stripping your membranes and sent me to another area of the office for a non-stress test. 

Within minutes I was feeling contractions and cramps, though nothing was consistent. I was taken to a small room for the non-stress test where I had to drink a soda {sugary drink} and they attached a monitor to my belly and handed me a remote to click every time I felt the baby move for about 45 minutes. Dr. Wilson checked on me a few times, looked at the movement chart and although it all seemed ok, suggested I go straight to the hospital since I was feeling contractions. I asked her if I could go home first to get my things, say goodbye to C, etc and she said {kind of reluctantly} that she would call ahead to the hospital and tell them and the on-call doctor I'd be there later that afternoon. 

At this point I was suddenly feeling very out of control of what was happening. When Kyle called to check on me a few minutes later I started crying as I explained she wanted me to go straight to the hospital but I wanted to go home first and wasn't quite sure if I was in real labor yet and blah, blah, blah.... I was emotional and uncomfortable, had been staring at the wall for 45 min while hooked up to machines and this just wasn't how I'd imagined it would all start. He said he was on his way to the doctors office and would bring my suitcase. I kinda freaked at this point and told him not to - I definitely wanted to go home first, and felt fine to drive myself but a few minutes later he called again and said he was downstairs in the office parking lot. 

My mom and C were with him so he drove me back to our house while my mom drove my car home from the doctors office. I was especially glad we went home because I looked at the last minute items he'd thrown in my bag for me and he literally threw the entire contents of our bathroom sink in the bag and then forgot important things like my cell phone charger and the camera. It made me laugh, though, and I definitely needed something to get my mind off things at that point.

Once home I felt much better and finally felt like I was somewhat in control of the situation. My contractions were about 30 minutes apart and very mild at that point and I was happy to be somewhere comfortable rather then in the doctors office or the hospital. We took a few pictures of my belly, made sure my mom and C were all set and then finally at around 2pm we headed back to the hospital. 

my giant belly just before we left for the hospital

My contractions were slightly more frequent and intense, but still not really painful at all. I had started to bleed a bit, so I figured we might as well head over just in case. My labor with C was pretty quick and since I was already 5cm decided I didn't want to risk having the baby in the car or some craziness like that. 

We checked in around 2:15pm and met out nurse, Connie, who ironically was the first nurse we had while I was in labor with C. I remembered her being awesome and so supportive and was very happy to see her again.

our giant hospital room

The on-call doctor, Dr. Evans, came and checked me and I was 6cm so they ordered the epidural and filled out paperwork, etc. I told her I wanted things to progress naturally and didn't want pitocin to speed things up. She was fine with that too and said it probably wouldn't be long anyway. Contractions were becoming slightly more intense and were now about 5 minutes apart. Overall I probably only felt one or two intense contractions before the anistesologist arrived with the epidural. He administered it and we literally just hung out, watched TV and kept on eye on the monitor for the next few hours. Just like my labor with C I could tell when a contraction was happening, but couldn't feel any pain. 

While hanging out, Kyle took pictures of just about everything, including the bathroom, while I played with the controls on the hospital bed. Pretty much your standard mature behavior for soon-to-be parents of two children.

Connie and the other nurses checked on us regularly and at 6ish Dr. Evans checked me again and I was 10cm so they hurried to get everything ready for the baby. The epidural was still very strong and hadn't worn off at all so it was all very surreal. I could tell something was happening with my body but because I couldn't feel the pain, I didn't even realize the baby had transitioned and it was time. I started pushing at 6:15 and by 6:35pm baby girl was here! 

They put her on my belly immediately and Kyle cut the cord. I wanted to hold her for a few minutes so another nurse came over to us and checked her heartbeat and vitals. After a few minutes of cuddling with her they took her over to the corner of the room to weigh her, clean her up, etc. 

we have a picture of C just after he was born where he looks almost identical to this

They finally they handed her back to me and she latched on to nurse. 

Then she gave me her little pirate face :)

From left to right: Me, Evie, Kyle, Connie (our nurse) and Dr. Evans

The nurses wrapped everything up and gave us a few hours to relax in the delivery room before moving us to our sleeping room. After C was born I remember shaking and being freezing cold as the epidural was wearing off, but that didn't happen this time. {It did happen a few days later once we were home - however}.

While hanging out we also made the final decision about her name - Eve Elizabeth - which is what we had been thinking all along, but wanted to wait to meet her before making it official. We choose Eve because we like it and it seemed to fit her sweet personality and Elizabeth is after my maternal grandmother.

The hospital was apparently super busy that night and something like 12 babies were born - so it ended up taking longer then expected to switch rooms, but we finally moved at around 11:30pm and settled in for the night. Evie stayed in the nursery and came back to nurse when hungry.

Big C and my mom came to visit the next day {Saturday} and then we went home on Sunday. We've been in love with our little Evie ever since and I literally can not remember what life was like before she was here - in a way it feels like she's always been a part of our family.

Overall, after weeks and weeks of waiting it felt like *poof* now she's here! I feel incredibly blessed and thankful to have had two easy and relatively fast deliveries - it makes me think maybe I could do it without an epidural next time.....maybe.



  1. Awesome birth story! Connie was my L&D nurse, too! And I go to LCOBGYN, too. Dr. Gregory is my doc, but I have seen Dr. Evans a few times. Such a sweetie. Congrats on your precious baby girl!

  2. You guys are such a beautiful family. I cannot wait to see you guys in just a couple of days. Love you all. XOXO.

  3. 20 mins of pushing! Thats impressive! I hope this is a family trait!

  4. ahh such a great recount of her birth story! the connors-hoyt family is unstoppable!



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