3 months!

Little E is 3 months!  

Well....actually she turned 3 months on Friday, but I'm a little late in posting....as usual.

This month has brought about so many exciting changes. She discovered her feet and is constantly kicking, pulling and staring at them. When she's on her playmat it looks like she is doing leg lifts and crunches. 

Rolling over hasn't happened yet, and frankly she doesn't seem very interested in making it happen anytime soon, but she is all about lifting her head up and staring at her self and smiling in the mirror during tummy time. 

While in DC this past weekend, G'Pops commented that Little E has two modes: sleep and smile. That couldn't be more true! She is always smiling and such a happy little girl.

Last weekend she also discovered her thumb and has been making good use of it. Kyle and I were sitting on the sofa the other night and I had her propped up and sitting with us. She started to get a little fussy so instead of wailing away she simply found her thumb, sucked for a few minutes and fell asleep on her own. While sitting. It takes C 30 minutes of story time, chatting and rubbing his back to get him to go to sleep, but at 3 months Little E is putting herself to sleep in under 5 minutes....!

We love you little lady!! 


  1. she is cute as can be!!! Love the thumb sucking photo!

  2. Two little munchkins! Happy 3 months little E!



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