one big a** yoga mat....

alice keeney photography
alice keeney photography
yoga house of charleston
photo by me

photo by me

Yoga awesomeness, I tell ya....

I love the yoga community here in Charleston. 
When I first moved here and started doing yoga regularly there was a strong yoga community, but it was tiny. Like everyone would rotate between a handful of classes and you pretty much knew everyone else in there. 

Now more then seven years later there is an abundance of studios, varieties of classes/teachers/etc, and lots of fabulous prana to boot.
{prana means energy}

To celebrate the opening of the new full size Lululemon store there was even a 500 person yoga class in the middle of King Street on Friday. They called it "One Big Ass Yoga Mat" and it truly looked like King Street was actually one big mat.

I literally couldn't bear the thought of not being there and absorbing some of the good yoga vibes, so we stopped by before heading to dinner and I must say it was truly amazing. 

Now I must get my tush back to yoga ASAP. No excuses!

Namaste :)


  1. I completely feel you on the community aspect of yoga- philadelphia as such a wonderful network of yogi's :) they also have some fun outdoor yoga classes in the city- like Yoga on the Steps, at the art museum where rocky ran :) this past year I heard there were 1700 people doing 1 class. And now they started a free outdoor class in the Center of city infront of the tallest building in Philly. We should plan a trip when you'll be able to get in that Philly yoga experience :) xo.

  2. JOKE: what did the yoga instructor say when asked to leave?




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