funny story....

We're still alive over here....

Just kinda on the busy side. 
Kyle is crazy busy with work and I'm crazy busy with two crazy kids.

No really....I think Big C took some crazy pills the day before his baby sister was born because he's been in rare form ever since. Or maybe it's just because he's two....but either way, he's keeping us on our toes. 

Case in point.....

We were in Target today and I told him he could pick out a notebook {just like Daddy's} so he could draw on the pages and hopefully keep the pens and markers off the walls, furniture, etc. 

Anyway, he was all excited so when we got to the notebook aisle I started showing him a few and asked if he wanted a red or blue cover...

He vetoed the options I'd selected and pointed to another shelf. 

"This one, this one!!" - {he seemed beyond excited at whatever it was}

Um....ok, let me see what you are pointing at....

I walked over to the shelf and this is what I found....

No joke. Can't make this stuff up. 

I tried to offer a few other options again - Are you SURE this is the one you want?? - but he kept saying "YES!" and had the biggest smile on his face. 
He wanted those Justin Bieber notebooks BAD. He wouldnt even settle for one. He HAD to have two.  

So we got them. He couldn't be happier and I am still cracking up thinking about it all. I don't think he even knows who Justin Bieber is, he just liked the photos, but still funny nonetheless....

I'll just plan on decorating the walls of his future big boy room with teeny bop posters :) 


  1. C Man is hilarious! He sure knows what he wants.

  2. BAHAHHAHAAAA. this is amazing. have you seen the "documentary"? i promise you you will become a BELIEBER after watching. making auntie proud, connor.

  3. I laughed all over again after "hearing" this story in writing. C man, you are hilarious!



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