catching up...in photos

It's been awhile!

This one is still active as ever, loving his Justin Bieber notebooks and giving little e lots of big brother kisses :) 

Keeping him busy has been a priority around here and we are always looking for new places to explore . The Mount Pleasant pier is a favorite as is the new walkway on Shem Creek....perfect for a good pre- nap time toddler run...

He loves to run so much I think we need to get him a pair of running sneakers. Normal shoes just aren't cutting it - he wants to "go FAST, mama!"

We've also been to the pool a few times....and look forward to pool day at our friend Kelly's pool every week {thanks, Kelly!}

Little e loves to model her dresses....

And onesies....

And has been making friends with her toys....

We spent some time in Waterfront Park downtown.... 

And then we did some more running....
{told ya! I wasn't kidding about the running!}



  1. WONDERFUL PICTURES ! Can't wait to see the little darlin's - xxoo G'Ma

  2. Love, love, love these pictures and your comments.
    xoxo Mom



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