2 months!

This little girl continues to amaze me everyday! 

She is so happy and smiley and loves to dance :) 
In fact, she's sitting on her nap nanny next to me kicking her legs, giggling and dancing right now!

In the last month she's really started to develop her own personality and every day she lights up at something new and seems to love it. 

Daddy has especially caught her attention recently. 
She follows him with her eyes whenever he is in the room and smiles and makes noises whenever he looks. I was brushing my teeth the other night and the two of them were sitting and chatting away on the bed. 
It's was beyond adorable....

Big C also loves giving Little e as much attention as possible and loves it when she smiles at him, too. 
He always says 

"Smile me, e. Smile me!"

and she gives him a big toothess grin!

Happy two months, Little e! 
We love you!!


  1. She is precious. Love her party skirt!
    Let's see some new pictures of "big bro"!
    Love, Grandma

  2. Oh my goodness! I hope our two look just like her. She is beautiful!

  3. See is so sweet! I cant wait to dance away with her in a month! Am I allowed to hold her the entire shower? :)



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