sip and see

beautiful ladies (minus Shannon and Seren) 

Some of my lovely lady friends were so sweet and kind to throw a Sip and See party to celebrate little miss evie this weekend. 

Instead of having a baby shower for a second baby people tend to have a sprinkle before the baby is born or a sip and see after the baby arrives. A sip and see tends to be kind of a southern thing {I think?}, but I think it's nice to have the baby there...

  Kelly and Melissa organized and planned everything and we had a beautiful lunch downtown at Rue de Jean. Little E slept through most of the party, but finally opened her eyes toward the end so she could see all her fabulous new outfits and girly things :)

Thank you ladies for such a fun afternoon! We are so lucky to be in such fabulous company!!



  1. So precious. I hope you're doing well over there :)

  2. A sip and see?! Genius. Miss you gals so much.



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