Big C has been eyeing the jump castle at the Farmers Market for months but was very reluctant to climb on until this weekend. Sometimes he can be very cautious about what he gets involved in...which I think is a very good thing....

Once he took the plunge he was in bounce-house heaven and LOVING IT :) Even the sight of cute doggies at the nearby dog show couldn't lure his attention away....and that's saying a lot!

Love the little girls face in the photo above....

while some major activity was going on in the jump castle, this is what the little miss was doing outside...

yep, sleeping beauty was unfazed by all the activity. but she did seem happy in her cinco de mayo outfit :)


  1. Big C looks like he's having a blast! Evie is so adorable. What a little sweetheart :) xo, aunt Cristina

  2. ahh i feel so out of the loop...missed a few weeks of blog posts! bounce house..awesome. and eve's cinco de mayo outfit...amazing.



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