....and then the sleep deprevation hit

Remember our lovely daughter who loved to sleep?

Last night we clocked a whopping one hour and 30 minutes of sleep....

It's not really her fault because somehow, despite my best efforts to keep them apart, Big C has given her his cold and she is a stuffed up mess. 

Or maybe it's just me who is the mess??

She actually seems fine during the day - maybe a sneeze here and there - but then as soon as 10pm rolls around it all goes haywire and she cries and cries and sniffles until about 6am. 

I think I finally drifted off right as Big C woke up for the day. 
Luckily Kyle was already on top of the coffee....

So rather then complain a little more I'm just going to leave you with two photo that melt my heart and remind me that a few sleepless nights are worth it.


  1. This too shall pass. They are two precious, adorable little kiddos that their Aunt Cristina can't wait to come down and babysit... and give mommy and daddy some time to nap! xoxo

  2. Just keep your mind on the long term during these nights, and remember that the insane sleep deprivation is just a blip on the radar of the big picture. You're a mom-you have super powers, and you'll make it through this too!



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