whew! breathing a HUGE sigh of relief

I am thanking my lucky stars tonight that Kyle is home from a business trip and *NO* baby arrived in the last 48 hrs. 


At the last minute {well, as of last Thursday} he suddenly had to go to Indiana for a big, new project his company just began working on. We knew it had been a possibility for awhile and even set a cut off date as to when he simply wouldn't be able to travel for a few weeks - you know....just in case something happened early. 

Well, of course the trip came at the very last possible time he could have left. Needless to say, I understand he had to go but was a complete nervous wreck the entire time he was gone. 

All I could think of was Murphy's Law....whenever you do not want something to happen, the universe seems to find a way to make it happen on that very day....

So, anyway. Enough blabbing....I'm just happy and relieved he's home.

Ok, baby girl...you are now welcome to make your grand appearance whenever you please from here on out! and we can't wait to meet you!


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  1. Very sweet post - baby is a lucky girl, to be welcomed by a wondeful Mommy, Dada, and big brother!




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