NARS heat wave lipstick

NARS Heat Wave

In general I'm really not too into beauty products. I tend to find products I like and stick with them. I've literally been using MAC Studio Fix powder since high school and don't see myself changing anytime in the near future....

However, one item I've never had good luck with is lipstick. I've never found a color that looks right with my skin tone and overall whenever I do try to apply it, I just feel like a clown and end up wiping it off anyway. 

So, you can imagine my skepticism when I was buying some shampoo and conditioner today and the woman at Stella Nova {a beauty store and salon here in Charleston} suggested I give a specific shade of NARS lipstick a try. 

Little did she know that I'd seen that very shade of lipstick all over the blog-a-sphere recently and was actually interested to give it a try. 
RED! But such a good red....promise!

Enter, NARS Heat Wave.....maybe you've seen it, too?

It's RED - but the best shade of red I've ever come across. I personally think NARS has the best make-up colors out there and I've been using their eye shadow, blush and bronzer for years. Well after one application I was hooked and now I'm very happy walking around with rouge lips. I feel like it brightens my whole face up, isn't too heavy and is a completely different look for me. 

Just a little thing I like to call fate....


  1. I picked up my own tube of Nars Heat Wave a few months ago and LOVE it.....and started a bit of a following amoung my work friends!! It really is a great shade of red!!!

    1. I LOVE it! Such a great color! How are you feeling?? so close now!

  2. Helloooo...picture, please! I want to see it on your pretty face!



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