jeep off-roading at the playground

We were happily playing at the playground on Tuesday afternoon when suddenly a little girl and her younger brother arrived in their own Jeep.

It was a beautiful afternoon so naturally the playground was packed with kids. Well as soon as the Jeep arrived, every single kid stopped what they were doing and turned to watch the girl and her brother drive by. C-man had a look of amazement on his face -  two kids driving a car! - it was like nothing he'd ever seen!

The girl and her brother {she was about 7 and he was just over 2} did a few laps around the playground and then were nice enough to offer rides to some of the other kids. As soon as C got on he was in heaven. Sheer joy is the only way to describe the look on his face....when his ride was over, he stood in the corner of the playground saying "more, more..." over and over.

Of course, now he wants his own....

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  1. haha, that is adorable!! He looks soooo happy! I like how it looks like the driver is shifting gears in that one picture.



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