C's second birthday party

C-man turned two on Saturday!

The weather turned out beautifully and we had a fun, low-keyish party in our backyard. After asking how old he was turning a million or so times, he now seems to have the word "two" down pat. Everything is two...

Q: How many goldfish do you want?
A: Two!

Q: It's bath time, let's go get your towel
{just as we pick up his towel}
A: One maah? Two?

As we are driving....
C: "big tuck, big tuck!" "ahhh....TWO tucks!"

Anyway, despite feeling prepared going into Saturday, the party went a little something like this....spend the morning furiously running around getting everything ready > clean house as quickly as possible > shower in 5 min flat so I'm not in shorts and the only remaining lulu top that currently still fits when guests arrive > forget to prepare some of the apps > quickly prepare forgotten apps > guests arrive > I'm still getting things ready > decide I don't have time to dry my hair so I just throw it up in a messy bun {as usual} > party starts > kids have a BLAST > think adults are happy too > blow out candles on cake > forget to open presents while everyone is here > guests depart > CRASH on the sofa and hope baby #2 doesn't arrive anytime soon so I won't have to pull off two back-to-back parties in the future...

The cake was DELICIOUS and from Honey's Baking. I'm still helping myself to leftover slices from the fridge....and a big thanks to Honey for making it!

After singing Happy Birthday he ploped himesef down on the ground and dove right into his cake...

As I started posting these pics I realized I barely took any of the projects I made for the party....including water bottle labels and a few other little things. Maybe some more pics will surface and I'll re-post some of the details...

Happy Birthday to our little big man!


  1. Looks like a great success!! Happy Birthday Connor :) xoxo. aunt cristina

  2. Happy Birthday, Connor!!!! I can't believe its been 2 years for ya'll...oh, how time flies. Maris, the party looked impeccable and so tastefully/craftily done (as always)...Go SUPER MOM!



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