artist market recap

Whew - we had a very busy, long and rainy weekend here. All good, though!

I had the artist market on Saturday and standing up for 6 or so hours can really wipe a pregnant lady out! Despite it being a dreary and rainy day, overall it went really well and I met lots of cool people and even some blog readers! I introduced a new item - 5x7 prints - and they sold well and will be available for purchase in the ETSY store soon.

We spent most of Sunday at Lowes, building bookshelves for the living room {Kyle's project} and picking up random items and power tools. Why is it that men ALWAYS have to have the most expensive tool for minor projects?? I left him in the store and took C to the car {after a crazy toddler meltdown} and out he came with a brand new DeWalt jig saw. Not exactly essential for the task at hand, but "so cool" and "a good addition to our power tool line up".


Then Sunday afternoon swimming lessons and last night I also started working out the details of C's 2nd birthday party which is less then two weeks away!! *TWO* years old!! Where has the time gone?!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!


  1. Love your display. Great items for sale.

  2. I can just hear Kyle saying that... hahaha. Glad everything went well at the artist market! :) cristina



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