32 weeks

My feet have disappeared beneath my 32 week baby belly. I'm looking forward to seeing them again sometime around mid-May.

stage 1 of this painting - waiting for the first layer to dry a bit and then need to keep working on it....

In other news, I've finally found the time to pick up painting again. It's isn't quite a painting for pleasure only kind of deal - it's more of a 'we need some artwork in this space so why not paint my own' - kind of thing. But I'd really forgotten how much I missed using oil paint and promptly announced to Kyle that if I had more time and space I'd really like to be a painter. His response was "well, just do it" - which is slightly easier said then done....

We also had a haircutting mishap here on Sunday and are headed to a kid friendly salon this afternoon for an emergency hair-fix after Mama got a little too scissor happy. I can't even bring myself to show you  a clear photo of his current hair-state and am embarrassed he's even out in public at school right now....

Here's a back and white shot of him watching his new favorite show - it's called the Monday Morning Garbage Truck

And now I'm off to paint!


  1. So if you are back in action with your painting skillz...and you had a family member that desperately needed some art work, would you be willing to paint and sell a piece? Just asking :)

  2. Sure! But I can't charge you...we can just consider it a really early
    Christmas present :)



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