weekend wildlife + swimming

Hello there Mr. Llama...

We spent some time at SEWE {South Eastern Wildlife Expo} this weekend. It's a big event here in Charleston and one of the highlights is always the petting zoo they have on site. We've been talking a lot about animals recently and C-man loves to make animals sounds {a horses "neigh" is his favorite} so it seemed to be right up his alley....and it was....until he actually got into the tent. Then all these crazy animals looks rather intimidating and he was perfectly happy to view them from afar.

Except for the goats.

He's had a few run-ins with goats over the past year and while he was once terrified of them, he seems to be warming up.....slightly.

So, goats are back on the ok list. But this guy below....not so much.

Post animal tent....

and then on Sunday we started another level of swim classes....

About 10 weekends left before baby girl arrives!!!!????!

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  1. C-man looks much happier in the pool than with the animals!



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