orange & turquoise

Wouldn't it be lovely to run around town all day without a care in the world and then go out for a fabulous dinner and dancing at night?

If that perfect world existed, and budgets and a giant pregnant belly weren't holding me back, this is what I might wear.

Just saying....

CALYPSO Linen Tee / TORY BURCH Slim Fit Jeans / DUNE CALYPSO Key Hole Sandals / TORY BURCH Bangles / TORY BURCH Amanda Hobo / CALYPSO Twisted Necklace 

KARL JUDIT White Tank / CALYPSO Carla Feather Skirt / JIMMY CHOO Heels / CHAN LUU Bracelet / PINK MASCARA Turquoise Necklace / C'IVETTE Python Clutch 

1 comment:

  1. Don't give up! Someday that sexy outfit (and that evening out) can be yours. Hang in there, Mom!



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