long week

Sorry for disappearing for the majority of this week. It's been a long one here and I'm very glad to be at the tail end of it.

We've had a few ups and downs - with the downs being some bad news from the vet and a possible surgery for Red (our dog) and the 3 hour Glucose test for me, which I'll explain more about in another post. The ups have certainly helped balance them out and we received great news about C-man being offered a space at the pre-school we really wanted him to attend next fall. Very happy about that!

So, with the bad comes the good and we're all still happy and healthy (well, maybe except for Red, though he is in great spirits as always) here and excited for the weekend!

Plus, I'm *almost* finished with these little suckers and love the way they are turning out. Quite possibly the most satisfying DIY project I didn't think I could do - but somehow managed to pull off - yet.

Happy weekend!! xo


  1. I hope the Vet comes back with good news about Red! He is such a wonderful pup! Congrats to C! I can't believe how fast he is growing up! Are the new shades for his room?

  2. Very impressed with your shades! i wish I was crafty. Did you ever make the mobile for new baby girls room?

  3. Ally - yes, they are for C's room.

    Kelly- haven't made the mobile yet, but definitely still on my list of "to-do's before baby". hope I get to it!



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