currently loving: this bedroom

Do you ever see a photo of a room and feel like it speaks to you? Or you simply have to pack your bags, figure out the address, knock on the door and nicely ask the homeowners if you could please just move into said room for awhile?

Ok, perhaps I'm the only weirdo.

I spend a lot of my interior design "brainstorming" time in a big tizzy. Yes, a TIZZY. I believe it's actually a word. Here's a rough idea of how it usually all goes down....

- Start with a space
- Get a feeling about where the furniture needs to go, overall layout, how the space will be utilized best
- Begin to visualize existing pieces/items in the space
- Realize I do not have many existing items that I want to use in the space
- My brain starts spinning with a million fabric/art/furniture ideas
- Spend 100 hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration
- Change the vision 56 more times
- *BIG SIGH* as I realize my vision is going to require too much $$ and a serious time investment
- Get real, start searching craiglist and local stores
- Hope I get lucky and find a few key pieces
- Alter direction of the room as needed based upon lucky key finds
- Repeat above steps....repeat......repeat.....repeat again.
- Finish room {which will never really be "finished". It's more of a stopping point until I decide to move things around again}

While all this is happening my brain feels like it's on overdrive and I am CONSTANTLY thinking of different ideas, fabrics, etc for the space. When I say constantly, I really mean constantly. I'll be making dinner and the color of the pasta sauce will get me thinking about how a nice red would look in the space. Or I'll wonder if I can find a fabric that has a certain tangerine hue to it.

Told you I was a weirdo. And it's exhausting to have this going on in my head all the time.  

So, that brings me to my point....

Sometimes when I  see a photo it just hits me. BAM!. Despite all the spinning thoughts in my head, this is a depiction of exactly what I want. Or is at least pretty darn close to it.

It's a relief, really. Like I've found the needle in the haystack and now I can focus my efforts on a set path.

This is the photo that did it for me today:

photo via pinterest courtesy of apartmet therapy

Simple. Not too fussy. Kind of boho and eclectic with some refined elements and pretty fabrics. Not terribly difficult to pull together now and/or change up in the future.

Bedroom re-do to commence as soon as I wrap up the other 15 projects I have going on....

Happy Friday!!


  1. I am so happy you said this! We moved over the weekend into a new house, that needs some real help/changes and my head is just spinning with where to spend the money first. None of our furniture is right for the new space, and half the fixtures are missing. I've spent the better part of today looking for a dining room chandelier and I feel more confused than when I started this morning. I'm glad you found some great inspiration and I am not alone in the decorating melodrama!

  2. umm..have you ever considered a career in design? (interior, not graphic..you already got that covered!) that would seriously be the perfect job for you. then you could shop and decorate FOR A LIVING!



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