30 weeks!

Yep, that would be me taking instagram photos of myself in the bathroom mirror. Not only am I getting bigger everyday, clearly I'm getting cooler, too.

So now at 30 weeks and some odd days we've officially entered my "holy sh*t, we're having a baby soon" phase. I always think of weeks 20-29 as the fun pregnancy times...when you look pregnant but still cute, you have energy and still have plenty of time to tie up loose end before the baby arrives.

Then you enter weeks 30-40 and all bets are off. You start to slow down, you get big....and then even bigger, time feels like it's running out and doctors appts begin to fill up your schedule.

Right now our time as a family of three feels so precious and soon our first little baby will be a big brother and another little one will be on the scene.

Overall I'm feeling large, but still pretty good. She has been kicking up a storm and seems to pretty active all the time. I've definitely started to waddle around and someone else in this house {an adult} thinks it's awfully funny to make fun of {which it's not}. My nesting has completely kicked in and I'm feeling the urge to organize everything in sight. It occurred to me that I'll probably have to pack a hospital bag in the sort of near future and I just can't believe that time is near again.

Still have a few hurdles to get over before I'll feel like I can completely relax - namely the artist market this weekend, C's 2nd birthday party {!!!} and a few other baby items we need to pick up before she arrives {double stroller, new baby monitor, glider}. But we'll get there at some point.


  1. You look great and so dose the 1/2 bathroom! Did you ever post photos of it when you were done painting? I like the poster on the wall behind you!

  2. You look beautiful! The bathroom walls turned out great.

  3. Marisa you look great ( not to mention those stripes, wow impressive!). I feel like I am feeling just about everything that you are as I enter week 33! Baby is moving all the time ( when does he sleep?) and I am growing bigger by the day ( sometimes by the hour!) Good luck in the home stretch!!!

  4. You look gorgeous and the bathroom turned out so well. Bravo!



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