two new rides

Finger in belly button. Feet barely on pedals. Helmet {reluctantly} on head.

Connor is well on his way to exploring the mean streets of Charleston....on his tricycle.

After a few false starts we finally made it out of the driveway. Steering is slow going, but he's getting the hang of it. He made it about halfway down the block until he realized it might be much easier for him to bag the pedaling and steering and just do this....

Smart boy!

It was close to nap time and tricycling is hard work for little legs, so we took it down a notch and broke out the second set of new wheels for a laid back ride around the neighborhood.

He relaxed while I pulled - though I think he might need to start pulling me in a few weeks...

Thanks Grandma, Grandpa, G'ma and G'pops for the awesome new rides!

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