first day of school!

Our baby is {almost} all grown up!

We returned from a long weekend in Virginia {pics to come soon} last night and work up this morning for C-man's first day of school! Ok, well not technically "school", but rather a mother's morning out program he will be attending two mornings per week. The program is in a larger pre-school, so it does feel a bit like real school. When I dropped him off we put his backpack in his cubby, explored his new classroom, met his teacher, Miss Martha and then went out to the playground to join the other kids for morning playtime. When I kissed him goodbye he could have cared less that I was leaving and went right for the tricycles and started playing - I guess playtime at school is much, much cooler then hanging out with mama all day!

So now I'm sitting in a quiet house and might even take a shower before 6pm today! I miss my little man, but am awfully excited to have a few hours a week to myself....until baby #2 arrives in May, that is :)


  1. I love that little face! He is growing up way too fast!

  2. go, connor! growin up so fast. glad this "break" (only 2 days a week?!) will give you a bit of R&R. enjoy it while it lasts!

  3. Love this little boy. He is absolutely adorable!
    He is growing up soo quickly.

  4. He even looks more grown up then when I saw you guys on Sunday! Probably not a true statement- but all ready for school- he looks too cute!!! xo. Aunt Cristina

  5. adorable!!! I'm so glad the first day went well. What a big boy!



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