caftan, anyone?

EmersonMade Butterfly Caftan

I just had a moment where I realized "uggggh, I'm pregnant"

Not in a bad way - we are very excited to welcome this baby girl! - but rather in a "uggggh, I can barely shave my legs" and "ugggggh, even my maternity clothes are uncomfortable" and "ugggggh, I barely remember what it felt like for my body to be sans an hourly session with a mini-kickboxer". It also doesn't help that I caught a glimpse of my reflection while walking in front of a store today and noticed how completely unflattering my maternity skinny jeans and outfit looked. So as I sit here, in Kyle's oversized t-shirt and my wide leg comfy pants {because this is really all that's comfortable these days} I've decided I might just bring the caftan back into fashion for these remaining 18 weeks. If EmersonMade can pull it off then I think I might give it a shot, too....

I mean, look how calm and comfy she is....

Must be the caftan....


  1. Love the caftan...buy it...you need to feel beautiful.

  2. You do deserve to have something that makes you feel as beautiful as you are! Too bad the caftan is sold out :( But there are those beautiful tunic dresses :)xo- cristina

  3. caftan, eh? i didnt even know those things had an official name. its like a bohemian moo-moo. do it!



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