25 weeks

25 weeks {and a few days} down - 15 to go! 

not sure what was going on with the light here?

Even my doctor mentioned how she can't believe I'm 25 weeks already. Craziness....

I've slowed down, big time, but overall am still feeling pretty good. I know these days of feeling pretty good are numbered {and will soon become days of feeling like walking up the stairs is the biggest effort in the world} so I'm trying to get as much done as I can before that happens. I made a "to-do before baby list" yesterday while I was waiting in the doctors office and kind of freaked myself out. It's lengthy. And full of big projects. So....we'll see how much actually gets done. Kyle has nicknamed me the slave driver around here because almost every evening I mention a little "project" I need his help with. And then, of course, it snowballs into a bigger projects and basically takes up our entire night. Poor guy just wants to relax after a long day of work - and then I force him to hang curtains, paint the bathroom and move furniture around. 

So we are on the downward slope toward 40 weeks. Almost to the third trimester. Almost to being a family of FOUR. Almost to what I hope will be a quick and painless labor {fingers crossed}. And almost to meeting our baby girl!


  1. love that necklace :) It's good for Kyle! Can't wait to meet the muffette :)

  2. You look amazing! Keep up the good work Mama :) I'm still dying to know your double stroller preference...



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