merry christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! xoxo


winter wonderland at the farm

We are went to a local farm in Virginia last night for their winter wonderland and made it just in time to see some of the animals in their petting zoo. C-man loves to point out goats and sheep in his books, but in person, not so much. He kept his distance and whenever we asked is he wanted to get a little closer he responded with an emphatic "NOOO!" 

Goats at the gate - no C-man in sight...

The chickens were a similar story....{though clearly not for the kid on the left}

But the slide was lots of fun....

Even for Daddy!

He and Grandpa found their way out of the candy cane maze...

And then he decided farm animals weren't nearly as cool as the giant balls they had lying around so he took off with them...

He did make friends with a pretend polar bear in winter wonderland...seemed like a safer option then then the chickens

We also saw Santa's workshop...

Took a meh photo...

And then we wrapped it all up with the best attraction of them all - a random wagon he found behind a shed :)

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! xoxo

20 weeks - halfway there!

Luckily she's still a girl :)

All is well and the little miss was squirming around and sucking on her hands almost the entire time. The past 20 weeks have flown by, but I have a feeling the next 20 will move a bit slower. She's roughly 13 oz and currently the size of a banana. I'm feeling rather large, but what's new....maybe I should lay off the Christmas cookies???


kitchen paint color...check

After weeks of going back and forth between paint colors we finally made a decision!

Woohoo - trigger pulled and I couldn't be happier to just GET. THIS. DONE. I tend to obsess over things like paint colors so I can't wait to be finished with the kitchen - which was by far the worst of the colors in this house - and free some space in my brain for other projects like curtains, sofas, C's big boy room.....and, um....what was that other things we've been working on besides the house...oh that's right - getting ready for baby #2! Almost forgot!

So here are a few inspiration photos of the paint color we choose. Moonshine by Benjamin Moore. It's definitely grey but depending on the light it picks up hints of green and blue. Overall it's very neutral and surprisingly warm for a grey tone. I'll post some pics once the color is up on the walls - right now they are just primed and patiently waiting.

Source: google.com via Marisa on Pinterest


C meets Santa....

I can't stop laughing at this photo....sorry Santa!

holiday gift guide: for the KIDDOS!

It's fun to shop for gifts for adults {well, most of the time} but seeing a little ones eyes light up when they unwrap a present and find something so exciting is about a million-billion times cooler.

Here are a few ideas for the kiddo's on your list....or Santa's list. I tried to include a few ideas for both babies and toddler age kids - there are so many options out there it's hard to narrow it all down!

1. SCHOENHUT 25 Key Piano 2. IKEA 10pc Animal Finger Puppet Set 3. OEUF I Heart Baby Jumper 4. RADIO FLYER My 1st Scooter (with added helmet, of course) 5. CRAYOLA Color Wonder Table Top Easel  6. PLAN TOY Chalet Doll House with Furniture  7. JCREW Striped Baby Booties 8. SESAME STREET Let's Get Clean Bath Book  9. EDUCO Gourmet Chef Kitchen  10. PLAN TOY Shopping Cart 11. LIONEL Polar Express Train Set


big boy bed - twin or full size?

Baby numero duo is due in early May, so it would make sense to just use our existing crib rather then buy a new one. C-man will turn two in March and it seems like a great time to move him into a big boy bed thereby freeing up the crib for baby. Even if we hold off until he is a few months past his second birthday, around say...July...that should give us plenty of time to get him adjusted by the time the baby is ready to move from the bassinet to the crib. Right? I'm sure it all sounds easier then it will be in reality....

Scheduling problems aside....do we get him a new twin sized bed or a full size bed? Twins just seems so small to me - even for little people - but then I'm afraid he might be lost in a full. If we just start off with a twin eventually we're probably going to buy another bed and move him to a full, so why not just bypass the twin size all together? The majority of kid beds I've seen recently seem to be full size, so is the twin outdated? Incidentally, his crib does convert to a bed {which is a full size} so we also could simply convert his crib into a bed and then buy a new crib for the baby that she will eventually convert into her own bed a few years down the road.

Ahhh, decisions, decisions! Anyone have any experience moving their toddler to either bed size? How did it go?


holiday gift guide: for the gentlemen

Next up...the holiday gift guide for gentlemen!

I've comprised a few go-to favorites such as a classic looking tie and a Nordstrom SmartCare dress shirt, which we've found to be THE very best non-iron shirt out there. The fabric is usually slightly lighter in weight then the Brooks Brothers version {which can actually be quite heavy especially for the summer} and it's less expensive. An attractive pair of PJ pants are great for lounging around the house and this Lululemon shirt miiiight just convince them to finally try out that yoga class.

Oh, almost forgot....if the ladies are gifted a dream trip to Buenos Aries, then the gentlemen may also be so lucky to find a vintage International SCOUT sitting in the driveway with a big red bow on it. Just sayin'....

1. WOOLRICH Twisted Flannel Pants 2. FRED FLAIR Local Celebrity Breakfast Tee 3. COLUMBIA Military Style Belt 4. URBAN EXCESS Vintage Wayfairs 5. LULULEMON Vent Tech Short Sleeve 6. THOMAS PINK Silk Tie  7. VOSGES Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix 8. YETI Tundra Series Marine Cooler 9. NORDSTROM SmartCare Traditional Fit Dress Shirt  10. RAYMOND WEIL Tango Mens Chronograph Regtangular Watch Face 11. INTERNATIONAL SCOUT 


holiday gift guide: for the ladies

Voila! My holiday gift ideas for the ladies. Can't say that I would mind receiving any of these items {ahem, ahem} especially a trip to Buenos Aries! I can dream, right? 

I'm working on a few more holiday gift guides {for the gentlemen and the kiddos} and will hopefully have those for you later this week or over the weekend. Enjoy! xoxo 

1. LULULEMON Integrity hot tank  2. ODETTE Double Anumletum Necklace 3. CAITLIN WILSON TEXTILES Navy Fleur Chinoise Pillow 4. SYCAMORE STREET PRESS letterpress holiday print 5. MINOUX small bow hoops 6. KORS Odette Flats 7. MIU MIU Pebbled Leather Convertible Bag 8. NIKON 1J1 Digital Camera 9. MIU MIU Wool Coat with Bell Skirt 10. Trip to Buenos Aries 11. Registration to the ALT DESIGN SUMMIT this January 12. YOGITOES Skidless Yoga Towel 


18 weeks! + belly shots

18 weeks this past Sunday - how did that happen??

Since this pregnancy seems to be flying by, I thought it was about time for a belly photo! This was a rare day where my hair was actually down and not up in some sort of ponytail/bun/bobby pinned situation so it seemed an appropriate time to take a photo. Also, wanted to mention it was 75 degrees here today, hence the rather summery sundress and flip flops {not pictured} in December. As lovely as 75 in December might sound, our recent heat wave have made it more and more difficult to find something to wear that's 1) comfortable 2) fits 3) doesn't look like I'm headed to the beach 4) isn't already covered in food/milk. Thinking I might get back on the leggings bandwagon that served me so well when I was pregnant with C.

And speaking of being pregnant with C-man, I just looked back at a post from October 2009 when I was also 18 weeks pregnant and I'd say my belly is looking a whole lot bigger this go around. Clearly this baby wanted to make an appearance waaaay before her brother. Click here to see the old post.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


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