happy halloween!

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Happy Halloween, everyone! I've been trying to get my little train engineer to say "trick-or-treat" all morning but so far he just shakes his head "no" at me. Maybe he'll get into the spirit when we actually take him trick-or-treating later? And by the way, I am so, so soooooo excited to go trick-or-treating again! Even if it is for the kids, I still love it and am so happy I get to relive the experience :)

Hopefully I'll have some pics for you tomorrow. Also, do any of you watch the HBO show "How to Make It In America"? It's on Sunday night at 10:30pm and it's AWESOME.

We've been watching since it first started early last year and it's now in it's second season. If you are looking for a new spin on an Entourage-style show, but based in NYC, I highly recommend checking it out. We can't get enough here and I just spent most of nap time downloading some much needed new music that I heard on the show.

Hope you all have a fabulous night and get or give lots-o candy!


design*sponge book party

Have you read it, yet? If not, pick it up quick because it's GOOD!

My friend, Christina, and I went to the Design*Sponge book party last night at one of my favorite local furniture stores, Dwelling, and it didn't disappoint! Grace is beyond beautiful and so sweet!

They are had a cute photo booth set up - we took a few, of course....

I find it really bizarre and even slightly awkward to meet bloggers/people you know from the Internet in person. It's kind of feels like you know them, but you don't really, and then are you supposed to talk about all the things you would love to chat about {design, blogs, inspiration, etc} or just make small talk like they are a stranger? Either way, Grace made it very easy and it was such a pleasure to meet her!

Love the book and can't wait to spend some more time flipping through it!


wedding in philly

Hey y'all, once again it's long time no blog post. Sorry about that.

We were away last weekend {big surprise! us....away....never?!} for my cousins wedding just outside Philadelphia and had such a good time hanging out with family and getting a little more fall foliage time in before the leaves are gone. The only snag from the weekend was that I accidentally left my cell phone in our rental car and didn't discover my mistake until we were already through security and about to board the plane. I typically never do stupid forgetful things like that and was kicking myself for it the whole flight home. Good news is Enterprise actually found my phone and sent it back! FedEx! Yay for Enterprise!

Anyway, enough blabbing. Here are some pics from the weekend...

My Dad double fisting champagne...

The very first photo above is C-man, my grandmother and my sister. We've always called my grandmother Nanny, but C translated that into Na-Na {he says it like naa-naa, not nana} and he simply can not get enough of his beloved Na-Na. She sings him songs and then marches around the room and he marches right along behind her - it's pretty adorable. Every time we left the hotel room to go somewhere he immediately would say "Na-Na??" and look around for her.

Hope you all had a great weekend, too. I'll be back to blogging again sooner then later, promise :)


pumpkin patch

We went to the Boone Hall Pumpkin Patch this weekend and although C still isn't quite old enough for all the activities, he was definitely was able to do so much more then a year ago {click here to see the post from last year}. Looking back I can't believe how chubby Cs cheeks were and how little hair he had! And speaking of hair, Kyle's hair looked particularly, um...interesting?....in those photos, too.

We rode tractors, took a haunted hay ride, hung out with a few goats and saw lots and lots of pumpkins.

The photo above may be my new, all time, favorite photo. It cracks me up every time I see it :)

Sorry this one is so grainy

Now we are gearing up for Halloween and I can not wait to take C trick or treating!


currently loving: frye paige boots

Frye Paige Boots

I'm so in love with these boots.

Problem is I can not find them in stock anywhere! So instead I sit and swoon over this photo - and all the other photos I google of them - and just hope one day they will be restocked. Fingers crossed that I have at least a smidgen of good karma stored up somewhere so this will actually happen someday...


lacrosse skills

Not even two years old and this little man has mastered the kiddie lacrosse stick.

So naturally he picked up Daddy's instead...

Looks like we might be teaching him the finer points of shooting a goal before he learns how to use the potty.


blog slump

Clearly I have fallen waaaaaaay off the blog wagon....

Thanks to anyone who is still reading (anyone? anyone? Bueller?) and please know I'm trying my best to juggle about 15 different balls in the air at once. The blog ball has hit the floor but I'm making it a point to pick it back up and pay more attention so it works it's way back into the mix again.

Anyway, we've been pretty busy traveling this fall and were in Blacksburg, VA for two weekends in a row. C-man went to his first two tailgates and the Hokies rocked the house. Like literally, they ROCKED the house. Check out this video of the Virginia Tech v. Miami game last weekend...

and here's the seismic activity recorded near the stadium on Saturday. Crazy, right?!

Here are a few more pics from the weekend...

A big thanks to Aunt Ashley for hanging with C during the game :) Also, a belated welcome to the world, Miss Lucy Greene! 

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying these cooler fall temps! xoxo


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