lions, tigers and BEARS!

Ok, well not bears (they were sleeping) but we did see lions and tigers and a whole lot more, like these big boys.....

And this was us when we saw them....

We weren't as excited to smell them, but what are you gonna do?! We made our way around the giant hill National Zoo yesterday and saw one awesome animal after another. The Zebras were my personal favorite and I heard a few people referring to their area as the "bachelor pad of the zoo" which I thought was pretty funny. 

The apes also put on quite a show and there was the most adorable little baby ape following his mama around, though sadly I wasn't quick enough to snap a good pic :( 

This guy was pretty entertaining and C-man just stared at him with huge, wide eyes. 

I was impressed he was paying so much attention. That is until I saw this sitting a few feet away....

and then he started saying "BALL, BALL!" and I realized why he was so focused. Of course....I should have know a regular old ball would be so more interesting than an APE!

Look closely and you'll notice a lion just hanging out in the shade...

and then we saw the craziest animal of them all....a blue checkered BABY! He was on the loose, roaming around on his own in the wild....

He was quick and hard to wrangle but eventually we caught him and took he home with us :)

sheridan french giveaway

I am so excited to pass along a very awesome piece of blog-world info for y'all!

Sheridan French is giving away a piece from her beautiful Spring 2011 clothing collection to one lucky winner. Head over to her blog, The Southern Eclectic, for all the details about how to enter. Sheridan is a mama to two adorable little ones and always has hilarious and poignant posts about motherhood, life and fashion. Her blog is one of go-to favorites and I can honestly say if I was stranded with a limited Internet connection I would still try my darndest to check her blog for updates. and trust me, that's saying A LOT!

Her clothes are the epitome of vibrant and fun and are made with the most beautiful fabric from Bali.

The third one down is my personal favorite :)

all photos from Sheridan French and The Southern Eclectic


proud mary pillows

Love my new pillows from Proud Mary. I picked them up at the artist market last weekend and can't wait to put the inserts in and add these puppies to the sofa. Plus, the fabric is hand printed by global artisans and then sewn here in the US. All of the artisans receive a fair wage for their work - which I think is totally awesome. You can check out the Proud Mary website here....they have super cute pillows, bags and accessories like this clutch...

These sandals...

This bucket bag...

and this pillow....{which was printed with potatoes!)

all photos (except the first one) are from the Proud Mary website


our past few days....

That video above is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen!! Ok, I might be a little biased, but still....it's pretty darn cute.

And look at this little nugget!! He belongs to our friends Katherine and Kellen and is just over two weeks old and so adorable! His name is Gabriel...

I forgot how light newborn babies are! C is tipping the scales at 25+ lbs and seemed like a mini-man-giant after holding this little guy. 

Suprisingly, C was pretty gentle with him and was trying to give him kisses and hugs. Give the little guy a year or so to start moving and walking around and I'm sure these two will be buddies :)

And here is a little shot from our day yesterday. A car ride started out like this....two happy guys in the backseat.

But quickly turned into this....

So we put on a DVD and it saved the day. Now I know why this feature is so essential in cars these days. It's purely for entertaining your kids on long car rides so everyone else stays sane {even if you are watching Barney...} 


daddy's day x 2

We are in the midst of a double whammy of daddy's days here. Sunday was father's day and today is Kyle's birthday, so we get to tell him how much we love him and appreciate him in double amounts :)

It's also been record breakingly hot here for the past few days, so we spent most of Sunday at out new favorite indoor spot - the aquarium. Clearly we weren't the only ones who came up with the brilliant plan to beat the heat by going to see the fishies, because it was PACKED with plenty of kids and Dad's.

This is the river otter that scared the bejesus out of C last time we saw him. He seemed to be feeling a little more comfortable this time, but only when Daddy was protecting him...he wasn't very interested in standing by himself in front of the glass

The same goes for the horseshoe crabs and stingrays...

Just for comparison, I snapped this photo last year on Kyle's birthday - look how small C-man is! It still blows my mind how much babies change in a year.

Happy Birthday, Kyle!!!


pretty necklace

kristina klarin via leif

I've been looking for a chunky, colorful necklace to wear with a dress to an upcoming wedding and came across this eye popping one today on the blog, I Suawannee. I clicked on the link and sadly, it's sold out :(

However, after I looked at it for awhile my crafty wheels started turning and I'm thinking it might not be too difficult to DIY something similar....

Am I crazy or do you think this is a possibility, too?


fathers day gift guide: for the new(ish) dad

Father's Day is just around the corner and since I've been thinking about what to get for Kyle and my dad, I thought I'd post some of the ideas here...

What's the best gift you've ever given or received for Father's Day??

Dude No. 1 Oil - $65
Navy Linen Tie with Dandy Pin - $118
Cast Iron Skillet - $22
Handprint Kit - $25


kissy faces in DC

Hello, hello! So sorry for not posting sooner....I've clearly been a bad blogger....

We were visiting Kyle's family in DC this past weekend and after we got home on Monday it's just been one thing after another and blogging has clearly taken a backseat for the past few days. But backseat no more!

So, I was just flipping through my photos from the weekend to put together a sort of visual synopsis/photo montage of the weekend and for some crazy reason nearly every photo I took is of C-man making a kissy face.....??!

Exhibit A:

Are we in a kissy phase? Are there even kissy phases?? I didn't really realize it, but judging by the photos, it looks like we most definitely are. And I'll take it! Love me some sloppy kisses!

We had such a fun weekend and miss everyone already!! C-man send you all mucho kisses!!


big man, little boy

Love these two in their coordinating red shirts :)

We went out to Folly Beach tonight for dinner at Surf Bar and then walked around town for a bit. C walked on his own almost the entire time, smiling at everyone along the way, until just before we made it back to the car. I was pretty impressed with my little boy -- and yes, he's now officially a little boy who barely even needs to hold my hand {except when crossing the street - of course}

Hope you all had a fabulous week. Happy Weekend, everyone!


first artwork

Isn't it beautiful?

As lovely as I'm sure I will think every piece of art C creates will be, this one isn't exactly my favorite....mainly because he created this masterpiece during the five seconds I had my back turned today. Oh yes, in five seconds he managed to climb on a table, swipe a highlighter and then go to town drawing - and scratching - on a piece of white furniture. He also left a trail of goldfish and faint orange spots where his little goldfishie fingers had been while he was drawing.

So now I shall go and hide all the pens....


summer days


Life jacket....check!

Nautical outfit Mommy made me wear...check!

Sweet ride....check!

Waves and bucket of sand.....check!

Running around sans diaper and LOVING it....check!


interiors: baby rooms & kid spaces

angie hranowsky

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been loving Pinterest recently. I'm slowly working on organizing my boards so I can transfer the million or so images I have saved on my computer over to pinterest to keep things organized and easy to find. While I was perusing around my hard drive the other day I happened upon a few of my favorite baby rooms/nurseries/play spaces and thought I'd share them with y'all.

The top image is my all time favorite boys room a la angie hranowsky {of course, because I absolutely love everything she does}. Whenever C-man gets a little bigger and we need to update his room you can bet I'll be using that image for some inspiration.

This next one might just be my second favorite - check out that teepee!

oh dee doh

pottery barn kids

apartment therapy

made by girl
oh dee doh
oh dee doh



LOVE this playroom below....I actually recently found a fabric that reminded me of those brightly covered wall hangings and I'm thinking about framing it for somewhere in our house.


And if you need a space for two, this is nice and airy and open


 and this is pretty awesome for older kids

oh dee doh


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