memorial day weekend

Hello, hello! Hope you all had a fab memorial day weekend!

As you can see, we spent some of our weekend soaking up the sun at Tim and Kelly's pool {thanks, guys!}, enjoying some of the kid friendly events at Spoleto {a city wide two weeks arts festival here in Charleston}, and playing with BAAA-LOONS! Two balloons, to be exact...because the only thing better then one balloon is TWO!

We also went to a baby shower for our friends Shannon and Jake, a house re-opening party at Brooke and Perms and enjoyed a few meals out - even a date night - woohoo!

Welcome to summer, everyone!! xoxo


what has happened to me?

This, my friends, is the Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner and right now it's all I can think about. 

What has happened to me??? Clearly the Mom gene has clicked because there are so, so, sooooooo many other things I can and probably should be thinking of, but instead, I've focused my thoughts on a SteamVac. Sigh. We have a lot of carpet in our house {which I absolutely despise} and with a baby running around and spilling his goldfish, juice, etc all over the place - plus the pet hair from a dog who sheds like the dickens - PLUS your run of the mill, everyday dirt, things get messy pretty quickly. The prospect of having nice, bright, clean carpet again is suprisingly exciting to me - so much so that I can't get it out of my head. I cringe at the thought of what yuckiness C-man is crawling around and playing on and the mom in me needs to clean it up so I don't have to worry about it anymore. Worrying is not good and takes up too much space in my brain - and since I have so little of my brain left these days - I need all the space I can get.

Plus, this baby has received glowing reviews on Amazon {over 1,900} and the before and after photos are utterly shocking. I'll spare you here but if you want to be really grossed out, take a look at some of the photos people have posted. Just warning you, though, it's pretty bad and you might be suckered into buying a SteamVac, too.

Ok, enough ranting....

Done. sold. clean carpet here we come!


fishies, fishies everywhere

Fishies have been pretty popular around our house these days. C-man nearly eats his weight in Goldfish at every meal, we've been to the beach a few times recently and he's slowly understanding that the ocean is different then his bath {mainly because of the fishies} and now we are happy, new members of the South Carolina Aquarium {where there are LOADS of fishies}.

It was pretty hot here yesterday so instead of going to the park we decided to bite the bullet and join the Aquarium. By the way, a yearly family membership (or dual membership for two adults - kids under 2 are free anyway) is definitely worth it. At the aquarium here it's $25 per adult, per visit, or you can join for a full year for $65, which includes two adults. Just an FYI if you have little ones and plan to go more  then once per year...family memberships for kids older then 2 are a bit more expensive, but also worth it.

We spent about an hour walking around, seeing the fishies, an albino alligator {scary!}, a river otter that completely spooked C and playing in the "toddler cove" area, which he absolutely loved.

We also went to the touch tank but after the river otter incident, he wasn't exactly having it...

Check out the kid behind him - looks like he's about to go for a swim!

By the time we got to the giant tank he was feeling a little more comfortable, but then this swam by....

 ...so we decided to call it a day.


why being a toddler is hard

As much as having a toddler is hard, being a toddler might even be just as difficult. My friend, and fellow new-ish Mama, Morgan, emailed this article a few days ago and it really gave me a new perspective into the tantrums, meltdowns and general toddler-hood. It's ALL making more sense now and I feel for them....really I do. I especially feel bad about constantly being the security guard and taking away all the fun stuff. Lord knows I hated it when someone spoiled my fun!

Click here to read the article {or see below} - and thanks, Morgan for enlightening me! C-man thanks you too :) Hopefully I'm not the security guard all the time...just when necessary.

Why Being a Toddler is Hard

The real reason for those tantrums and meltdowns

By Melissa Sher  |  May 5, 2011

One morning, my then one-and-a-half-year-old son unlocked the child-safety latch of our bottom bathroom drawer. Upon finding my makeup, he began breathing heavily with excitement and staggering around. What a haul! What loot! Imagine his disappointment when, just as he was about to pry the shiny cap off a red lipstick, I picked him up and carried him out of the bathroom. I didn’t congratulate him on his discovery. I didn’t point him in the direction of the hallway’s white walls and say, “My home is your canvas. Go forth and create.” Instead, I ruined everything.
Before I had children, when I’d go to the grocery store and see a little kid in the cereal aisle screaming and crying, I’d shake my head. Why was it that every time I saw a toddler, he or she was throwing some kind of fit? What could be so difficult about spending the day playing, napping, and eating? Now, after living among their kind, I should apologize. Not to you, but to them. Here’s the sad truth: for toddlers, the world is a rough place full of squelched mysteries, restrained freedoms, and nonsensical commands. I think I’d rather be fourteen again than be a toddler.
What does an old, forgotten Goldfish cracker from the bottom of a car seat taste like? What kind of pattern does yogurt make when it splatters onto the floor? What sound do cookbook pages make as they are torn in half? These and many other great discoveries are often stopped by us, the big people in our toddlers’ lives.
What if you sat down to read the newspaper when suddenly — out of nowhere — some giant swooped down and plopped you in front of a pile of plastic blocks? You’d holler your tush off.
How frustrating! What must it be like to get stopped by a security guard time and time again? To be constantly redirected and rerouted as you tried to go about your day, without an understanding of what you had done wrong? What if you sat down to read the newspaper and drink your coffee when suddenly — out of nowhere — some giant swooped down and plopped you in front of a pile of plastic blocks? You bet you’d protest. You’d holler your tush off.
So what’s the reward for a toddler’s natural curiosity? A little freedom and encouragement? No, just the opposite. Oppression! We pin them to furniture all day long: the stroller, the car seat, the high chair. All of the straps! All of the restraints! How maddening it must be to sit, captive, in front of a tray covered with food you can’t identify or don’t remember liking. No wonder it’s so often tossed to the floor.
And does anyone like being forced to perform for strangers? “Blow a kiss. Clap your hands. Wave ‘bye bye.’ Give Aunt Lisa a high five. Touch your nose. No, not your toes … your nose. Okay, now touch your toes. Blow another kiss. Let’s turn on some music. Dance. Dance!”
Do I need to even mention the language barrier? How much can these chubby-cheeked kids actually understand? Twenty percent? Thirty percent? Two percent? They don’t really understand us. We don’t really understand them. Every day must feel like an endless, torturous game of The $100,000 Pyramid. Anyone can see how badly toddlers want to communicate with the outside world. Does a day go by without a toddler picking up some object and holding it to his or her ear like a telephone? “Lo! Lo! Lo!” my son used to yell into a toy truck. Who was he calling? Was he trying to get help?
Of course, in the end, we parents still have to be the bad cop again and again — and again. Toddlers have to eat. They have to sleep. They can’t run into the street every time they notice an open door or scribble with indelible green marker all over the sofa. But I just want the record to reflect that I feel for them. And, in about fifty or so years, I want the toddlers of today to remember my solidarity with their cause and please treat me with care.

{image and article courtesy of Babble}


little lacrosse player

It's in his blood :)


a few new items + climbing

This cool looking thing is one of our new bath toys - Splat! by Boon. I'm constantly searching for new, fun bath toys because the standard buckets and squirt toys can get old pretty fast and since someone has learded how to CLIMB out of the tub, I've gotta keep him entertained. 

By the way, walking in one thing but climbing???!....wooooah.....climbing is definitely a whole other monster. In the past few hours I've found him standing on top of a basket while partially balancing on a table and reaching for a large vase on top of the table, standing on the sofa, standing on the coffee table and almost standing in Daddy's desk chair - computer mouse in hand - trying to get to the computer keyboard. Fun, FUN stuff here, I tell ya! It makes me realize that two eyes really are just not enought when you have a little climber on the move. 

Anyway, back to the bath toys....we were in one of our favorite baby stores, Sugar Snap Pea where they have all sorts of awesome baby products and also picked up a set of these cool duck cups by Skip Hop. 

Not sure if anyone else has a baby who loves cups, but a simple set of stacking cups has been C's all time, favorite toy since I bought them months ago. He plays with them in the bath, I use them to teach him numbers and colors, they are small and easy to throw in the diaper bag and keep him entertained on planes and in restaurants and to top it off I can throw them in the dishwasher. 

Lastly, we also got a cool, new catch bowl {also by Boon} with suction on the bottom so it stays put. 

Now if only they made suction cups for babies feet so they stayed put....


dinner socks

Just one of the many new discoveries around here...Daddy's socks.

C-man likes to wear them while he eats dinner. Along with his old baby socks, which are way too small.


house lust: jordana brewster

It's pretty rare that I ever find the time to read a magazine these days, but a few weeks ago while I was getting my pretty purple pedicure {wow- that sounds awfully girly of me!} I took a few moments to flip through the May 2011 issue of InStyle and was absolutely WOW'ed by Jordana Brewster's LA home. It's so neutral and calm but the unique A-frame articheture gives it a real twist. I love how there are pops of color scattered around, but the overall feel is neutral, open, airy and loft like. In the article she says "we wanted to mix a long island country vibe with a relaxed L.A. feeling".

I am LOVING this guest room. You might not be able to tell from the photos I scanned from the mag, but the drapes are a very subtle, tan hroizontal stripe. And the americal flag photo {by Oberto Gili} reminds me of some of Ann Carrington's works.

Love that red dresser...

Now to find an A-frame house in the Charleston area...or just move to LA. Hmmm?

all photos are scanned in and courtesy of the May 2011 InStyle Magazine


tiff's baby shower

I was so thrilled to help throw a baby shower for one of my very best friends, Tiff. We actually went to high school and college together, so we have lots of memories and have known each other through a few different phases of our lives - though this particular phase {babies!} is one of the most special and exciting :)

I am so excited for our babies to meet and can't wait to see what C thinks of a tiny baby girl!

Here are some photos of the shower last weekend, plus the invitation and the water bottle labels, which I designed.

{these BEBE letters were hanging up at the party, but I never got a good photo of them - this is at home just after I made them}


we're home!

We're back from Boston and I need a break from my break! Baby C morphed into a full fledged walking toddler who is into everything and wants it all NOW! STAT! If he could talk he'd be saying, "huuuuurry uuuuuuuup, mama!" I'm actually watching him eat a snack in his high chair right now and he's smearing the sauce from bite sized pieces of pizza all over his face. How awesome. Clearly bath time is imminent....

He's pretty confident in his walking ability now, so much so that he walks and drinks his bottle at the same time, which resulted in a face plant minor accident on Sunday. He's perfectly ok, but let me tell you, if I thought people shot me weird looks flying with a very active toddler on the first flight, flying home with a toddler with a bruise on his face is a whole other can of worms.

Anyway, we are very happy to be home and to see Daddy and Red but do miss Grandma and Grandpa and Nanny in Boston...and the free babysitting to boot!


happy mothers day!

Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies and mommies to be out there!

Especially to my wonderful mother, my grandmother {I call her nanny},  and G'ma! And of course also to Tiff, who we celebrated at an awesome baby shower this weekend {more pics to follow}

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


we're in boston!

I learned something yesterday....traveling with a tiny infant is an absolute cake walk compared to traveling alone with a walking toddler.

I also learned:
- sitting in an aisle seat is an absolute necessity so you have easy access for the countless trips you will make slowly walking up and down the aisle
- you will likely make friends with everyone between your seat and the bathroom because you will walk back and forth about 50 times during a 2 hour flight
- a bag of Goldfish purchased at the magazine stand can save the day if you get delayed while waiting for takeoff
- pray that you are sharing a row with people who have young children and understand
- no matter how many toys you stock the diaper bag with, the tray table and the window shade will still be the most exciting things to play with throughout the flight
- the toddler likely won't want to take a nap once you arrive at your destination beacuse there are new and exciting things to play with and people to see, but Mommy definitely will.

C and I are in Boston for a few days visiting Grandma and Grandpa and also for a baby shower Nicole and I are throwing for our friend, Tiff. C hasn't been in Boston since last summer and since he was a tiny little guy then - and is a big guy now - everything seems new and he is super curious about it all. There are tons of stairs here and his new favorite thing is climbing up them - getting down is a different story, though. He tried sliding on his belly but quickly realized that wasn't going to work. Taking all the spices out of the spice drawer one by one was another fast favorite...then Grandma gets to put them back.

Some things haven't changed too much, though...about 2 seconds after walking in the door he spotted a ball went right for it.

{sorry for the horrible, blurry phone pic}

A big hello to Daddy in Charleston - we miss you!! xoxo


may weekend

Wow! What a weekend, huh? It kicked off with the royal wedding {I LOVED both Kate and Pippa's dresses, especially Kate's evening party dress - gorgeous!}, Osama was killed by our very heroic and amazing military forces, we had the most beautiful, humid-free beach day here in Charleston annnnnnd I spent a baby-free hour or so on Saturday getting a pedicure. I am now the very happy owner of lavender toes {see above} which might be my new favorite color for spring.

C also traded his love for oranges for a new love for tomatoes....not quite sure what to do about that?? I think he likes that both the oranges and tomatoes look like brightly colored balls and is fascinated that you can actually eat them...just a theory.

And lastly, the lacrosse team Kyle has been coaching for the last few months is playing in the championship tonight. Go Cyclones!!

Hope you all had a great weekend, too!


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